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They Will Never See This Half Guard Arm Bar Coming!

They Will Never See This Half Guard Arm Bar Coming!


 Unexpected Arm Bar from Deep Half Guard

One of the best feelings in BJJ is to catch someone in a submission that they never saw coming.  Just when the opponent or training partner thinks they are covering all of their bases and making all of the necessary defenses, BAM, you lock on a submission that comes as a complete surprise to them!

In the video below, jiu jitsu black belt and MMA fighter Will Grundhauser who also happens to be Bernardo Faria's first BJJ affiliate in the United States and runs an academy in Billings, Montana demonstrates a super slick arm bar set up.  Check it out below!

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Will Grundhauser sets this arm bar up from standing by taking a two on one lapel grip to pull Bernardo past him and pull into a very Faria-esque deep half position.  The force which he uses for the half guard pull makes it impossible for Bernardo to avoid using his hands as a base.  But instead of working some sort of deep half guard sweep, Grundhauser comes up to his knees, blocks the arm pit of Bernardo to prevent him from turning back into him and flattening him.

Then by stepping up and over Bernardo's shoulders he is able to fall back into a super tight arm bar.  Each step of the way, Bernardo reacts to try to stop the technique, but is unable to defend as Will Grundhauser stays one step ahead at all times.  Give it a try the next time you find yourself pulling the deep half guard.

For more from Will Grundhauser, you've got to check out his Side Control Destruction series from BJJ Fanatics!  Your opponents will literally hate the pressure you are able to apply and the submissions Will demonstrates will add a lot of tools to your attack arsenal.  Check it out now!




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