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Three Submission Options from Knee on Belly

Three Submission Options from Knee on Belly


Knee on belly is one of the most dominant positions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Having a diverse arsenal from knee on belly is going to enhance your bjj game as a whole.  Knee on belly is one of the best positions to attack submissions from if utilized properly.

Three excellent submission options from knee on belly are the baseball bat choke, the arm bar, and the cross choke.  All of these submissions will present themselves from knee on belly, they are high percentage, and utilized at the highest levels of competition.  Knee on belly is not only a good position for submission, but also good for control. We recently wrote an article titled “Knee on belly attacks,” if you want an overview of the position, give that a read.

The Baseball Bat Choke from Knee on Belly

The baseball bat choke from knee on belly may be one of the most powerful chokes in bjj.  It is an extremely grip dependent choke and is much more effective in the gi.  Contrary to popular belief, there is a nogi baseball bat choke.

When attacking the baseball bat choke you have to utilize collar grips, timing, and tenaciousness.  Gui Mendes, 4x Black Belt World Champion, is infamous for finishing people with the baseball bat choke at the highest levels of competition.  The hard part with this choke is getting the grips, once you’ve established your grips, it is nearly impossible to defend if applied properly.  Check out this baseball bat choke set up from knee on belly below.

The Arm Bar from Knee on Belly

Another incredible option from knee on belly is the arm bar.  The arm bar from knee on belly is extremely dependent on timing.  Sometimes when finishing a pass, you may go directly to knee on belly and your opponent may extend their arm in a frantic effort to escape.  It is at that moment you can attack an arm bar.

There are 2 powerful arm bars from knee on belly, the far side arm bar and the near side.  The near side is more of a timing based move that you can hit in transition or if your opponent extends. The far side can be set up patiently.  Both of these arm bars are great options from knee on belly.  Check out these arm bar set ups from knee on belly below.

The Cross Choke from Knee on Belly

The cross choke is one of the most versatile and powerful chokes in Brazilian jiu jitsu.  We recently wrote an entire article on it, if you’d like to learn more about the cross choke click here. As for the cross choke specifically from knee on belly, this is one of the best positons to apply the choke from.

You can set the cross choke up from nearly anywhere on bottom or top, but it is extremely effective when setting it up from knee on belly.  The grips may be easier to achieve when putting pressure on your opponent from knee on belly.  They may stop defending their neck in order to alleviate pressure from their sternum or stomach.  This can open up the opportunity to get your collar grips.  Check out this video displaying the cross choke from knee on belly.

If you want to add some new weapons to your arsenal of attacks from knee on belly, check out Black Belt World Champion, Lucas Lepri’s DVD – “Knee on Belly.”

Lucas Lepri Knee on Belly Submissions

Lucas Lepri won the Black Belt World Championship without conceding a single point. 


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