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Tom DeBlass' 10 Commandments

Tom DeBlass' 10 Commandments


Exploring how to build success...

A common problem in life is people asking the wrong questions. We often make what should be the results of a goal, the goal itself.  We forget about the reasons a goal is important and focus solely on the bottom line. One example of this is in opening a Jiu Jitsu school. Inevitably, that is something we all consider at one point in our Jiu Jitsu careers.  However, often the wrong question is asked. People often are primarily concerned with how much money they can make teaching Jiu Jitsu. Certainly, that is a valid question. But like everything else in life, if we focus on the right things money will be an inevitable byproduct.

Tom DeBlass posted the following on social media. He hit the nail on the head

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“Everyone's question when opening a Jiu-Jitsu Academy, is ‘how do I build a successful Academy?’ First and foremost you must ask yourself what your definition of success is. To me a successful Academy meant a few things, an environment where everyone could thrive, everyone could be a part of, and most of all I wanted to change lives. In order to do this I followed a few rules. 
1. Never ask students to do something you are not willing to do.
2. As long as no injuries are holding you back, be willing to suffer more than anyone on the mats. Train tired and train daily. 
3. Care, care about them so much. Be there for them not just on the mats but off.
4. Don't look at students as a business. I understand this is how you feed your family, but remember life is expensive and they also must feed theirs. 
5. Be what you advertise. If you claim Jiu-Jitsu is a tool for weight loss and self defense. Stay fit all year long and stay training all year long.
6. Focus on all students, not just the ones that are naturally talented. 
7. Focus on the ones that show up. The ones that show up are giving you their all, give your all back.
8. Take pride in being someone your students trust, so never betray them.
9. Serve them, daily.
10. Never stop being a student yourself.

I hope these 10 rules help you. These last 12 years I built a mini empire. 400 students and 18 affiliates. Over 1500 students flying my flag. Follow these rules and you can also. Take note. I didn't mention competition once:)”

I think this is a great yard stick for instructors to strive for. But beyond that, it is applicable to every facet of life.  Tom provides a great example of not only what a school should be but also who we should be in life.

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