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Top 3 Spider Guard Techniques

Top 3 Spider Guard Techniques


3 Important Spider Guard Techniques

Spider guard is probably one of the absolute best guards for when you are competing in the gi. As a variation of the open guard, the spider guard is really good for posture control, controlling those limbs, and also sweeps and submissions. Take Leandro Lo, JT Torres and many, many others as an example of jiu jitsu practitioners who use the spider guard as a very strategic guard. When they use a guard like spider guard they end up winning a lot of matches on the mat, and that is really cool because they take home a lot of medals from some of the biggest tournaments.

Start winning from the Spider Guard position like Rumulo Baral, world champion is known for his "impassable guard". The Spider Guard is the central component of all open guards.


To many jiu jitsu practitioners, especially those with lesser experience, an unfamiliar guard can be a difficult thing to try and comprehend. But you should not worry about that right now because there are actually some very fundamental techniques which will help you make your spider guard much more efficient. With that said here are 3 really important spider guard techniques.

Spider Guard Technique #1: Kneeling Opponent Scissor Sweep

We have to face the fact that not all opponents will stand when you are playing spider guard. Some opponents are going to play from a lower position in a desperate attempt to pressure pass your tight guard game. But honestly, do not worry about this. Because the fundamental scissor sweep is very effective from this position. Very much like full guard, the scissor sweep works excellent from spider guard. It is a few simple steps. Get the position correct, put your foot into your opponent’s bicep and maintain sleeve control. Then you will shoot past the hip with your other foot. From here use the foot controlling the bicep of your opponent and your other leg to scissor his legs. You should be able to end this position on mount.

Spider Guard Technique #2: Triangle Choke From Failed Scissor Sweep

The video below will show you the scissor sweep available for use when playing spider guard. What is important to remember here is that since you already have control over the motion of your opponent’s arm, as well as having great hip placement for explosive movement, you can actually pull your opponent in when throwing your hips in an upward motion. From there it is straight forward to lock up a triangle choke and even finish the match. Keep this in mind the next time you roll.

Spider Guard Technique #3: Sweep A Standing Opponent With Ship’s Wheel

For an opponent who stands up with the intention of passing, you might want to consider this as your go to sweep. It is called a ship’s wheel sweep because it uses the same motion a captain would to turn a big wheel on his ship. You should maintain control of at least one bicep for this sweep, it is best to have sleeve control. From here your foot will be placed on the knee or thigh of your opponent. You can use this foot to push out your opponent’s leg which will break his balance. From here, the foot controlling his bicep will be used to turn your opponent, allowing you to bring his arm between his legs, which sweeps him over. Again, think of what it looks like to turn a giant wheel. You should be in mount when the sweep is complete.

You must know the spider guard if you intend to compete in gi competition. It might not be your primary guard but it is a great technique to have in your arsenal. It is also important to learn this techniques so you can effectively defend against them as well.

According to Romulo Baral - The Spider Guard Is Toughest Guard To Pass And The Easiest Guard To Sweep From. Romulo Barral's spider guard basically doesn't ever get passed, and he sweeps everyone. As a competitor he won 4 world titles and countless other accolades: Europeans, Abu Dhabi, ADCC, Pan. He is one of the greatest competitors to ever step onto a mat. His signature position, the Spider Guard is an absolute nightmare for the guy on top. His foot placement, on the biceps, chest, other arm is crazy complex to solve and to throw his opponent off even more, he mixes in a side dish of lasso guards.. Then when he is starting to make progress, Romulo goes to X Guard.

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