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Triangle From Front Passing Position with John Danaher

Triangle From Front Passing Position with John Danaher


The triangle is a classic submission that has evolved over the years into its own system. There are endless ways to secure a triangle choke, and it can be applied from a variety of different positions. Depending on your preference, you might be hitting the triangle from the traditional guard scenarios, or maybe you favor it from the back, or side control. Regardless of how you enjoy employing the triangle, the fact is, its highly useful in all aspects of the game.

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Do you often use the triangle from a front passing position? Maybe it seems to dangerous or risky to attempt on your training partners. Check out some technique with John Danaher. He explains how to properly execute the triangle from the front passing position.

When we stand to pass, there are often periods of hand fighting where both players try to gain superior positioning. One of the options we have here, if our partner provides an extended arm is a triangle.

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As Danaher hand fights with his partner, he waits for him to reach and provide an opportunity. As he does, Danaher acquires a collar tie with his left hand, side steps, and kicks his right leg over his partner’s shoulder. He’s sure to land on his elbow so he can remain mobile. If his partner stays on his side, he can pursue a top lock style triangle. If he comes up into a guard situation, a front triangle can be secured.

Danaher is careful to note here that he’s not crashing into his training partner head on. When he begins to leave the floor to execute the move, he jumps across his partners body to avoid a disastrous collision.

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