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Slick Sweep From Lasso Guard with Armbar Finish

Slick Sweep From Lasso Guard with Armbar Finish


Smooth Transition In Lasso Guard, With A Very Nice Armbar Finish!

The Lasso Guard in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a position that provides the guard player with extensive control of their opponent’s upper body. The guard can be played against both standing and seated opponents and utilizes the same mechanics in each.

Although this guard is often regarded as a modification or extension of the spider guard, it is better to think of it as a separate guard that has a close relationship to the spider guard. One big difference between lasso guard and spider guard is that in lasso guard, we control the upper body with the legs while the feet are free to go wherever they are needed.

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One characteristic of the lasso guard that make it so effective is that because the feet are technically free, we can combine this guard with numerous others. Depending on foot placement, this guard can be a lasso-de la riva guard, lasso-reverse de la riva guard, lasso half guard, and so on.

By using feet to control the legs of the guard passer while maintaining the lasso, we are provided with a huge amount of control of our opponent’s balance and posture. In the following video, Marcos Tinoco illustrates a really cool sweep from lasso guard that allows you to enter an armbar for a finish.  

There are numerous ways to enter the lasso guard. Almost all entries start from spider guard. When putting the lassos in, it is important to do each leg separately. From spider guard, pull the arm in as much as possible, shoot the same side leg through from under the arm being pulled, and then wrap the leg under and over till the foot reaches the back of the guard passer. This specific sweep is actually more of a combination of lasso, spider, and de la riva guard, making it very effective.

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After establishing the guard position, the hips have to be shifted over in the opposite direction of where the sweep is going. This to provide the guard player with an adequate range of motion to swing the legs over. The best way of thinking about the leg movement in this sweep is to imagine that you are turning a steering wheel using your legs. This will twist the guard passer while the de la riva hook blocks them from stepping, allowing for the sweep.

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