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Tricky Entry to the Saddle with Craig Jones

Tricky Entry to the Saddle with Craig Jones


Nice Entry To The Legs With Craig Jones!

Craig Jones has been blazing quite a trail in the no gi competitive circuit. It seemed like almost overnight we started hearing his name on an extremely regular basis. He’s been very successful in his quest and has claimed victories over some of the sport’s finest players. Craig has demonstrated his very high level of skill, and supreme knowledge of leg locks over and over again inside the arena, and continues to make a name for himself.

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In this video Jones gives us a look at a set up for the inside heel hook that might be a little different than anything you’ve seen. Take a look!

The position is reminiscent of butterfly guard, but Jones adds his own flavor by creating an X onto the top of his partners thigh. This will create an interesting opportunity later on in the progression of the technique.

From this position, Jones acquires an under hook. He then looks to collect his partner’s far side leg from underneath with a palm up grip. As he begins to elevate his partner with the X configuration of his feet, he lets his left leg slide out to the back side of his partner. This movement lands him directly into the saddle where he begins to attack his partners heel.

Leg lock innovators such as Jones have really changed the face of no gi grappling. Its absolutely imperative that you pay attention to the lower half submissions now if you hope to be successful in competition. In a way the game may be changed forever because of the rise of the leg lock. It has shed light on a spot in BJJ that was a bit dark for a time. Get on board, and round out your toolbox with some instruction from the best in the world.

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