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Gordon Ryan is Not Slowing Down Anytime Soon

Gordon Ryan is Not Slowing Down Anytime Soon


Game Changing Things Coming From The KING, Gordon Ryan!

When Gordon Ryan burst onto the scene, he was largely acclaimed for his ability to leg lock some of the BJJ worlds top competitors. After spending an enormous amount of time with some of the sport’s best coaches and teams in the world, Ryan unleashed hell on the no gi competition circuit. And he continues to, to this day. Along his way he’s collected the most coveted and significant awards in no gi grappling, cementing his place as one of, if not the best no gi competitor of all time.

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Some may have thought Ryan’s claim to fame would be his leg lock game, and don’t get me wrong, that is an incredibly strong attribute of his, but he’s since developed a very well rounded and nightmarish style outside of leg locks. And top-level competitors continue to succumb to his incredibly high and all-encompassing level of skill.

I remember speaking with Professor Tom DeBlass about Gordon Ryan and Garry Tonon having so much success with leg locks a few years back. He told me their leg locks were so good, because everything else was so good too. This has proved to be the case. After a large stint of ending many contests with lower body attacks, Ryan has branched out, showcasing his incredible mount, back mount, ever improving wrestling, and now most recently his innovative passing.

BJJ Fanatics has recently filmed an instructional with Ryan on guard passing. Ryan’s given us sneak peaks of content, including his 3-part system on how he approaches passing, which in itself will be helpful to practitioners all over. The goal is to join loose passing, tight passing, and using submissions to pass the guard together to form the ultimate system of passing. Here’s an interview with Ryan, where he discusses some of his most recent victories, competition mindset, future plans, his guard passing system, and much more. Have a look!


Want to know how Gordon Ryan went from 163lbs to a SWOLE 232 lbs and then back to 194 lbs... all in the matter of 18 months? All the while having the ability to train, compete and remain healthy? Check out his DVD "Getting Swole As A Grappler". Check it out here!



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