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Trouble Passing the No Gi Closed Guard? Start Right Here

Trouble Passing the No Gi Closed Guard? Start Right Here


Break Free Of The Closed Guard! 

Playing the open guard in no gi might be the preference of many BJJ players. It’s a little faster, the leg lock entries are a little more accessible, and switching between the other guards is a little easier. There are lot of other factors that may play into this choice, but the fact remains, you WILL end up in the closed guard at some point when trying to pass no gi. It can’t be avoided. And If you’ve spent all of your time playing a very open passing game, and haven’t made passing the closed guard a priority, you may end up feeling like your stuck in a spider web when you finally end up in a more dynamic closed guard situation.

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Posture. Yes, we hear it every day. “Don’t let him break your posture”, “Don’t let her break you down”. Yes, we need to maintain our posture. But what if we don’t? It’s not always easy to stick to the script.

Lachlan Giles has few ideas for you on this matter, and I think they are wildly accessible and very well thought out. Have a look.

Giles first discusses the dreaded angle. What do we do when our partner breaks us down, achieves an over hook and an angle? Giles answers this question by switching his hips, walking the foot on the hip off of its perch, and then squaring his partner back to a neutral position. He addresses the over hook next. By tripoding and placing his head next to his partners head on the side of the trapped arm, he’s then able to finger walk the arm out and create enough space to swim his arm inside, and once again regain the inside track.

Giles closes with a nice positional drill, that will add some realism to the execution of the techniques. With your partner creating some resistance for you, the position will take on more live feel and allow you to gain a semblance for the movement that’s required to make these themes stick.

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These are two very good answers to some extremely common scenarios. There’s not a person on the mat who hasn’t been here. I hope this helps!

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