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Dominate the Triangle with Tom DeBlass

Dominate the Triangle with Tom DeBlass


Let Tom DeBlass Simplify Your Triangle Set Up

Fresh off of coordinating and running  the largest North American Trials event ever and cornering his first black belt Garry Tonon to his third MMA victory in the One Fighting Championships in Singapore, New Jersey black belt Tom DeBlass is back teaching classes at his exploding home academy Ocean County Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

He has recently released his 6th instructional from BJJ Fanatics Closed Guard Domination which will completely change the way you think about the closed guard position.  Most of us think we know the closed guard and all of the options available before the 2nd or 3rd stripe on our white belt has been fully wrapped, but the truth is, Tom DeBlass has been a black belt for over a decade and he's still developing his closed guard. 

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The positions he will show in this series are guaranteed to give you new perspectives to topics like controlling your opponent and keeping them there longer so that  you can launch more attacks.  The new spin that DeBlass puts on the classic submissions like the arm bar, omoplata and triangle are worth the price of admission alone.

Check out this video featuring one of his up and coming young students Miranda.  It is also a rare treat to see Tom DeBlass teaching in a gi, although prior to his shift to MMA he trained primarily in the gi.  In it he shows a super easy and effective triangle set up that you can add to your arsenal immediately.  Enjoy!

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Tom is a big grappler, sitting around 225 lbs usually.  Bigger grapplers sometimes have trouble with triangles for a variety of reasons, but watch how easily his makes hip adjustments to both control the opponent and make it easy to counter any attempt to defend.  The control of the foot under the armpit not only helps seal the deal in this triangle, but it also can set up sweeps.  But I guess you'll have to get the series Closed Guard Domination to find out!

If you follow Tom DeBlass for his no nonsense approach to life and jiu jitsu, you're going to love Closed Guard DominationHalf Domination, his first instructional focused on his game changing half guard techniques with us here at BJJ Fanatics was such a success with students and fans raving about how his clear and concise instruction is easy to apply instantly to change their games.  Closed Guard Domination might be even better!  Check it out today!





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