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Bouncing Back with Tom DeBlass

Bouncing Back with Tom DeBlass


When things don't go your way, what do you do?

Tom DeBlass has walked onto and competed on some of the most prestigious mats in the world.  A three time ADCC North American Trials winner and subsequent ADCC veteran, he has stepped onto the Olympics of Grappling mats in China, Brazil and Finland.  He has earned IBJJF titles.  During his MMA career he was a two weight class champion in Ring of Combat and went on to fight in both the UFC and Bellator, finishing with a career record of 9-2. 

At the age of 36, Tom DeBlass doesn't have much to prove.  He has achieved far more than most.  He has owned and operated a highly successful growing academy Ocean County Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for over 10 years.  He now has a growing affiliation of nearly 20 schools around the world.  His seminar schedule is booked for 2 years into the future.  He has created and released 5 successful instructional DVDs here at BJJ Fanatics, with one more on the way.

But in his heart, he will always be a competitor.  Life began testing Tom DeBlass as a young boy growing up in the shadow of addiction.  He learned at an early age that life begins at the end of your comfort zone and it is through competition that he has always been able to challenge and test his limits.  This past weekend, he stepped onto the competitive stage once again and took on the tough Aaron "Tex" Johnson for the Fight 2 Win Heavyweight title.

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The match did not go the way Tom DeBlass had hoped, with Tex Johnson playing an extremely strategic and safe game, avoiding engagement with DeBlass who chased the elusive Johnson for the entire match.  Though the decision would eventually go to Tex based on a few submission attempts, most of which saw DeBlass smiling through, the internet and Tom DeBlass' social media was filled with comments about the match.  DeBlass gave Tex Johnson credit for playing a smart, safe game and ultimately coming out victorious.

BJJ Fanatics caught up with DeBlass and asked him how he approached loss.  The video below is DeBlass' response to our question.  Check it out for yourself! 

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As Tom DeBlass prepares for the next chapter of his career, whether that is more competition or focusing on his growing affiliation, his seminar schedule or his home academy, he will always be moving forward and there's a lot we can learn from following his lead.  Whether it is on the competitive mats or life in general, picking ourselves back up after a loss or a set back will ensure we are moving forward towards achieving our goals.

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