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Why Fight 2 Win Might Be the Pinnacle of BJJ Competition

Why Fight 2 Win Might Be the Pinnacle of BJJ Competition


Asking friends and family to watch you compete can be quite the endeavor. Some people out right avoid it. Maybe the concern is how you perform, but most people know the situation when it comes to BJJ competition. We’ve all been there before. Your first match is to start at 10am next thing you know you and the other 26 white belts are all just biding your time wondering if it is your turn to get choked yet. Then it is 1pm and you still haven’t been called. As bad as it is for the competitors it’s even worse for the poor folks you invited to watch you compete.

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This is where Fight 2 Win comes in. Fight 2 Win is run by BJJ Fanatic’s own Seth Daniels. He and his team have created one of the most spectator friendly events. The event takes place all over the U.S. and gives local talent as well professional’s a chance to shine in front of the hometown crowd. On top of performing in their hometown, athletes are given a chance to pick entrance music and can even utilize props during the entrance.  The show takes place one match at a time starting with youth matches and working all the way to elite black belts.

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Rules and regulations often times dictates the pace and action of most tournaments. Where most competitions and matches can be won by points, Fight 2 Win turns that formula on its head. The event takes place in a super match format. This means you only have one opponent to worry about. Fight 2 Win emphasizes attacks and submissions. If your match goes longer than the scheduled time, it goes to three judges. The judges award the decision to the fighter who took the most action and attacked to finish the match the most. This ensures high octane battles take place.

Beyond the entrances, rules and regulations is the atmosphere of a Fight 2 Win event. Loud music, smoke machines, and an announcer calling the action, make for an exciting format for even the lay person to enjoy. So if you see a Fight 2 Win event coming to town cut out some time to go and enjoy the show!

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