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Why Rest And Time Away Are Important For Your Jiu Jitsu

Why Rest And Time Away Are Important For Your Jiu Jitsu


Don't forget to rest and repair for BJJ longevity

We all love to train, and everyone says the best way to get better at jiu jitsu, is to train jiu jitsu. So, to get better, we want to spend as much time as we can on the mats. While this is great, we have to understand the value of rest for our minds and bodies. I know, we all want to train like mad! But having a day or two to rest can allow us to relax, refuel, rejuvenate, and come back with fury!

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Rest Your Body

Jiu jitsu can definitely be hard on the body. We get twisted, slammed, smashed, and smothered. Our bodies take a beating, and it is important to let things heal. Your body is an amazing complex machine, capable of fantastic feats. But, we can also break it down too far! We need to let is rest from time to time. Let those sore muscles heal a bit. Just a day or two away can allow our bodies to heal, which can prevent injury, prevent burn out, and allow our bodies to come back even stronger.


Rest Your Mind

There is a lot of information to see, process, store and call up during our training. It is ok to take your mind away from jiu jitsu for a bit. Allow your mind to process what you have seen, and let things sink in. A few days away can really help you clear your mind, and actually allow those new movements and techniques to sink in a bit further. Have you ever had a moment in training when you suddenly remember a technique you learned weeks, or months ago? That is your brain finally sorting everything out, and allow itself to recall it back. It is a strange and awesome feeling, which can be easily accomplished with just a little rest for your mind.

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Tend To Life

It is easy to get caught up in things, especially jiu jitsu. We lose sight of the big picture of life, and sometimes we need to step back an re-orient a bit. And that is ok. It is ok to take a day off to take care of life, and tend to other things that are important to you. Jiu jitsu will always be there for you, so make time for other things when needed.


People may say rest is for the weak. We say nay. Keep after your goals, but rest when your body and mind tells you. It will reward you back!

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