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Top 5 Sambo Fusion Grappling Techniques for BJJ

Top 5 Sambo Fusion Grappling Techniques for BJJ


The 5 Sambo Fusion | Vlad Koulikov Videos That Will Change Your Game

Vlad Koulikov - Master of Sport in Sambo, BJJ Black Belt, Judo Black Belt, No-Gi Grappling Bad-Ass and Foot Lock Machine (how's THAT for an intro!?) ... is regarded as one of the best takedown grapplers on the planet.

His understanding of set ups, controls and execution of... well everything grappling, especially takedowns is profound. He's one of the most intelligent grapplers that you'll ever meet.

Vlad Koulikov is also well known for his clinch and head / arm control - specifically the pinch headlock.  The pinch headlock and the concept of controlling and arm and neck with a tight clinch are powerful and a necessity for no gi submission grappling and any mixed martial artist (who's clinch is even harder because of MMA gloves).

Vlad's details on this grip and clinch alone will change your game.  His explanations and techniques are very conceptual and easy to understand.

Wondering if Sambo could help your BJJ game?


Here are 5 videos of Vlad showing some setups and controls, including the pinch headlock, kata gatame, Japanese Neck Tie, and more.

He shows some simple takedowns (from Sambo and Judo) for jiu jitsu and ground attacks for any grappling art: BJJ, Wrestling, Sambo, Judo, Submission Grappling and Mixed Martial Arts.

Vlad Koulikov Video 1: Pinch Headlock Takedowns, Submissions from Scarf Hold and Foot locks

In this first video, Vlad Koulikov shows the application and throws of the powerful pinch headlock along with a scarf hold submission series and some cool straight ankle lock attacks while trying to pass the jiu jitsu guard.

Vlad Koulikov Video 2:Pinch Headlock Control for Grappling and Wrestling

The next video Vlad gets into some very important details on how to obtain the clinch and use a variety of sambo / judo throws.

Vlad Koulikov Video 3:No Gi Uchi Mata Takedown

Still the best Uchi Mata (inner leg reap) instructional takedown videos I've ever heard.

Vlad Koulikov Video 4:Gregorian Grip Takedowns

Vlad shows the Ouchi Gari (judo technique - see more the course The Art Of Ouchi-Gari & Other Devastating Ippons by Mashu Baker) throw (inner reap trip), the Harai Goshi Judo Throw, Uchi Mata Judo Throw, and many other Judo / Sambo Throws.

Vlad Koulikov Video 5: The Dangerous Scissor Takedown

Ahhh the scissor takedown.  Collectors of knees from all over the globe.  Vlad teaches you how to it the right way to get an awesome takedown and a lot of foot locks.  The details are in the setup.

Never heard of Vlad Koulikov you say?  Huh... interesting.  Well click the learn more button to "learn more"


Vlad has a variety of instructional videos on BJJ Fanatics.  Our favorite is Sambo for BJJ.  Sambo is a perfect integration into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Takedowns that are similar to both judo and wrestling, and strong foot lock attacks.  Jiu Jitsu excels in the guard and chokes.  Smash them together ... "Sambo Fusion" and you've got a perfect grappling style.

In Sambo for BJJ Vlad shows you how to integrate Sambo into your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu game, while giving you some tips and tricks that are guaranteed to catch your opponents off-guard.

Learn How To Add Sambo to Your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Game



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