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Unique Guillotine with Fabiano Scherner

Unique Guillotine with Fabiano Scherner


The turtle position can be quite dynamic. Creating an impenetrable shell, using it for crafty escapes, or even to mount your own offense are just some of the benefits of the position. But when trying to crack it from the top, what’s your game plan? As the position evolves, it becomes increasingly more difficult to open the turtle and impose your game. Sure, the back take is always an option, but many practitioners will see that coming. Let’s talk about an attack that they might not be expecting.

In this video Fabiano Scherner shows us how to transition to a guillotine attack on the far side of our partner's body. Let’s take a look.

Scherner sets up next to Faria hip to hip, with a kickstand to provide some additional pressure to Faria’s right side. Scherner looks to occupy the space between Faria’s elbow and knee with his right knee. As he penetrates his knee, he begins to simultaneously attack the neck.

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He reaches his right arm to the far side of Faria’s body and wraps the neck. He’s looking to feed the arm all the way through and out of the armpit on the other side of Faria’s body. Scherner prefers an S grip as his method of locking his hands. Scherner then falls back, putting his left leg over Faria’s back, and his right leg across Faria’s belt line. With a good squeeze he forces the tap. 

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