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Shihonage to Darce with Roy Dean

Shihonage to Darce with Roy Dean


Some people believe Aikido does not work at all and has no value. To some it does. To Roy Dean (a BJJ and Aikido black belt) Aikido does have value to him but like many other Aikido instructors. Roy recognizes that not all techniques work all the time and some can be countered easily. This is the case for Shihonage (Four Corner Throw).

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Instead of using his Shihonage as the fight finisher Roy takes advantage that most people go their knees after this takedown and uses it as an opportunity to attack his Darce choke.

Doing a basic Shihonage from a chopping style attack (Yokomen Uchi), Roy blends with the attack and uses it to enter into his Shihonage. When his partner rolls through the throw to his knees Roy uses this as an opportunity to do a Darce choke. He does this by maintaining control of the attackers wrist, pulling it across the attackers neck and dropping his other shoulder under the armpit to lock a deep Darce choke. He then explains that you do not have to finish the choke with the roll if you do not want to, but to maintain it on your knees your arm has to be deep enough.

For more details on the Shihonage part of the technique (not a very common technique practiced in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) here is a video of Doug Wedell breaking down the details of the technique.


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