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MMA Drill with Fight Tips

MMA Drill with Fight Tips


An MMA Drill That Will Elevate Your Striking On The Ground!

This drill is to teach how to develop the necessary skills to positionally dominate someone in the turtle position as well as knee on belly in a MMA contest. So it is not straight Wrestling or BJJ but a mix of different disciplines. Shane Fazen and Vince the Anomaly of fightTIPS shows how!

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Starting in a turtle position, Vince rides hip to hip, keeping all his pressure on Shane. From here, Vince is looking to not only strike but also control. To do this, Vince uses his arm to wedge inside of Shane's thigh. This allows Vince to control Shane's hips and put pressure on his back. From here, he can strike with his other hand, or look to transition to another position such as the front headlock. From a front headlock, Vince then decides to go to a hip to hip position on the other side of Shane by back stepping his leg to the other side. Vince shows another hip to hip control, his far hand swims in and controls Shane's wrist, flaring Shane's elbow out making it hard for him to move and adjust. Next position is the rear of the turtle, from here, Vince gets double underhooks and controls Shane's body from the back, then going back to hip to hip on the original side.

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Vince points out that the entire time he is keeping his pressure on Shane and throwing strikes at him. Last position from turtle Vince shows is one hand posted on Shane's head, keeping his posture broken with his face to the ground. This allows Vince to land strikes with his other hand.

Next position is knee on belly. Shane looks to Vince and rolls to his back, rather than getting stuck in Shane's guard, Vince immediately passes the guard by pushing Shane's knee through with his other hand posting on Shane's hip and goes straight to a knee on belly position. With his knee on the center of Shane's chest and his other leg makes a kickstand (not to high where Shane can underhook it and not to low where he can be bucked off). From this dominating position Vince can land strikes with both hands, if Shane rolls into Vince he just drives his knee into his sternum. If Shane rolls away he just follows with his leg, flattening Shane. The whole time Vince is still punching Shane, keeping the pressure on. To get to the other side Vince shows one transition where he steps around Shane's head to a knee on belly on the opposite side.

Finally, Shane rolls back to turtle and they do it all over again. Remember, this is just a drill to warm up and build controlling technique. Do not kill your partner with punches during this drills, focus on maintaining control and heavy pressure. Give it a try!

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