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Unlock the Rubber Guard with Gordon Ryan

Unlock the Rubber Guard with Gordon Ryan

Get Out Of This Tough Spot With Gordon Ryan!

If you’ve ever been stuck inside of a good rubber guard, you know how effective and dangerous it can be. Anyone that happens to be well versed in the rubber guard systems can make trying to pass a nightmare for the top player. The rubber guard has gained popularity with the rise of 10th Planet jiu-jitsu, and has become a weapon of choice for many guard players inside and outside the 10th Planet family. The rubber guard’s effectiveness in maintaining the passer’s broken posture is surely one of its most attractive properties, and when it’s done right the position can seem downright inescapable.

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Not to worry. Gordon Ryan is set to release his 3-part passing system very soon, and we’ve just had a new clip emerge from the instructional. This time, Ryan is going to show us how he likes to pass the rubber guard. There is a lot of content out there on the subject, but this is definitely a new approach that I have not seen yet. Have a look at this!

From the rubber guard set up, Ryan places his hands on the floor and leans his weight forward. Ryan will look to come forward until his head is directly over his partners head. He repeats this detail, cementing its importance in the effectiveness of the technique. With most of his weight transferred to his hands, he can now easily jump to his feet. From this head over head position, Ryan turns his thumbs down and tucks his arms next to his partner’s hips. He relaxes his body and begins to rise up, shaking his partner off. Be sure to turn the thumbs down before you begin to relax and shake your partner off. As Ryan states in the video, shaking out of the position is not possible without this detail, because our partners thighs block our arms from coming free without the rotation of the thumbs inward.

Great stuff here from “The King”. It’s almost time! Coming soon!

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