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Upcoming BJJ Events for November and December 2018

Upcoming BJJ Events for November and December 2018


2018 Ends Strong With Some Great Jiu-Jitsu Events!

2018 has been a very strong and entertaining year for the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The explosion of some new events and improvement of some older ones lead to one of the most successful and exciting years for competitors and fans alike. The year is far from over, however, in regards to competition as some of the most anticipated events are slated for the next two months.

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On November 10th in Manhattan, New York, Kasai Pro is presenting their 4th event to finish the year strongly. The event will have two subsets, a tournament to crown their first ever featherweight championship and three huge super fights. For the featherweight title, some of the best grapplers from around the nation will be present and face one another in the exhilarating format. This will feature names like Geo Martinez, Paulo Miyao, Gianni Grippo, and Augusto Mendes. Three super-fights will also occur during the same event and include the following matchups: Matheus Lutes vs PJ Barch, Vagner Rocha vs Renato Canuto, and Gordon Ryan vs Matheus Diniz. Catch this event live on FloGrappling.

Polaris plans for its 8th event on December 9th in Wales. As of now, only two matches have been confirmed. Nicky Ryan, younger brother of Gordon Ryan and teenage phenom, will be battling against Ashley Williams, popular for being Europe’s youngest black belt and being very successful in competition. The other confirmed match will occur between Absolute MMA’s Craig Jones and Atos black belt Keenan Cornelius. The two previously met at ADCC 2017 with Keenan defeating Jones 13-0. It will be exciting to see these two go at it at Polaris as both had a strong year competing in 2018. Look forward to more confirmed matches by Polaris and an unveiling of a new format. Catch it live on UFC Fight Pass.

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Fight2Win Promotions also has some exciting events confirmed for November including huge names like Bill Cooper, Yuri Simoes, Tim Spriggs, and Osvaldo Quiexinho. Go on their website to see more confirmed matches as the year progresses and as always, catch their events like on FloGrappling. Finally, the year will end off strong with IBJJF World No-Gi occurring December 14th-16th in Anaheim, California.

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