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Self Defense Concepts from Dean Lister That Could Save Your Life

Self Defense Concepts from Dean Lister That Could Save Your Life


3 Techniques With Dean Lister To Keep Yourself Safe!

I love listening to Dean Lister teach. It’s matter of fact, straight forward, and he has a unique and interesting way of getting his points across. Dean is known for his vicious leg game, and amazing half guard, but like all practitioners at the highest level, he has much to offer in all areas of BJJ. In this video we get a look at Lister's take on a self-defense-based scenario. He discusses dealing with being choked from behind. The video is almost 10 minutes in length, but Lister's teaching makes it fly by. We don’t often get exposed to self defense application techniques from Lister, so this is definitely worth a watch. Take a look.

The first 2 techniques are traditional self defense applications for this particular choke. The throw is a great option for solving this problem if you catch it early. Reaction is key here. Maintaining a good base and capturing the arm the moment it wraps your neck will be critical to making the throw your first viable option.

The second option will suit you better if you’ve not been able to get to a solid base quick enough to produce the leverage for the throw. As you’re being pulled backwards, we again find control of the arm, locate the foot of the attacker, and we rotate our body using tiny steps until were facing the opposite direction of our assailant. Once we reach this position we can complete the technique with a bow that will drop our attacker to the floor.

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The third option Lister shows may actually be the most important one. When someone fully locks a rear naked choke around our neck, we literally are only given seconds to react. If this is the case Lister has an answer that may be tough to drill, but could also save your life. When the choke is inescapable Lister takes a large step in this case with his right leg behind his attackers left leg. He then bundles his partners legs, loads him up, and as he explains, will jump into the air and land on his partner, spiking them on the ground. As Lister explains, in most cases this is going to create an early reaction from an attacker to release the choke, and if they elect to keep squeezing they’re going to end up taking a ride that will surely end in serious injury for themselves.

Desperate self defense situations are often not pretty, and doing what needs to be done to save your life may not be pretty either. Lister gives us a great example here of what one of those situations might look like. I find this to be a very important self defense concept to commit to memory. Give it a try. It’s simple, and it could literally save your life.

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