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Use This Snap Down To Score Takedowns & Chokes With Ease

Use This Snap Down To Score Takedowns & Chokes With Ease


Inside Tie Side to Side Snap Downs by John Danaher

John Danaher is the most sought after grappling instructor in the world. Known for completely revolutionizing modern Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with leg attacks, Danaher is a legend in the world of grappling martial arts. His ability to break down techniques into fundamental positions makes him a great teacher especially for someone knew to the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. His attention to detail is what makes the basic principles and fundamentals so highly effective when working on any technique. In the video below we will take a look at inside tie side to side snap downs by John Danaher.

John Danaher is like a mad scientist. He not only understands the technical aspects of what makes techniques function, he also understands the anatomy of the body and how certain aspects of the body can be manipulated. There is a saying in wrestling, "where the head goes, the body follows." This is very true and in the case of Danaher's front headlock system, it is all about control.


If you are a fan of the standing from head lock position this is a great way to grab it using a non-traditional method that your opponent might not expect or know how to defend properly. Watch the video below and then we will break down John Danaher’s techniques. Check it out now!

In the standing head lock position the entry is always the problem to over come. How will you get the crown of your training partner’s head below your arm pit? If you can do this, you are going to get a lot of successful front head locks on your opponent. One way to do this is with the inside tie side to side snap down. Surely you have seen or heard of the idea of taking the inside position from standing before. As you move in towards your training partner your hands and arms occupy the inside center line as you step in, getting your grips on your opponent’s biceps. This position allows you to generate the motion that will allow you to straight snap your training partner’s head down. John Danaher gets the straight snap by taking his right hand behind his opponent’s neck and switching to his right arm pit. So far the ideas that we have looked at provide a push and pull motion. But there is another kind of pressure that will often set up snap downs and this is a hide to side pressure. This is again done from inside control, using a windshield wiper motion to get your opponent moving side to side. Notice here Danaher brings his training partner’s head to his elbow – this is an important detail. Now as his head comes up in response to that he switches to his other arm and does the same thing. By taking your opponent’s head from side to side from an inside tie you will often create tremendous off balancing, setting your self up for front head lock entries.

As you switch your opponent from side to side you should eventually find an opening for the front head lock. This is an extremely effective way to enter in, and works by off balancing your opponent using that inside tie. Great stuff from John Danaher! Be sure to remember this one the next time you are standing and looking for a quick entrance. Having that inside position in the tie up really opens up a world to controlling and dominating your opponent – whether it be a quick tap from standing front head lock, or taking him to the ground and landing in a dominant position.

This system was developed by Danaher not only for grappling but for MMA as well. His student, George St. Pierre has used this front head lock system on several occasions in the UFC and in the gym. All the athletes from the Danaher Death Squad and Renzo Gracie's School are known for their front headlocks and guillotine set ups.

The idea is to control the head and arm and use this position to exploit other opportunities. All to often people associate head and arm control with submissions like the guillotine, the anaconda, the D'arce, and more. Although these can very easily be obtained once you have secured head and arm control, that is not the primary reason for obtaining head and arm control.

Break into the front head lock system with John Danaher to turn yourself into a head hunting machine!



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