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Using the Half Butterfly Hook By Tom DeBlass

Using the Half Butterfly Hook By Tom DeBlass


Half guard expert transforms position with butterfly hook

ADCC and UFC veteran Tom DeBlass has become well-known for his use of the half guard as the primary vehicle for his guard game.  In his latest release, The Half Butterfly Guard from BJJ Fanatics, DeBlass builds on the best-selling Half Domination system by adding in the use of the dexterous butterfly hook to further frustrate guard passers and set up even more submissions.  

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In the video below, Tom works with Bernardo Faria to explain a number of concepts that are fundamental to the understanding of Tom's approach to half guard and jiu jitsu in general.  Check out the short video below!

The worst thing you can do is panic

Regardless of how bad the situation may seem the worst thing we can do is panic in whatever position we're stuck in.  Perhaps they've got under hook and have you completely flat and are grinding their shoulders into your chin and face.  By addressing the issues methodically, by controlling their shoulder that is causing the immediate crushing discomfort in the face, building the frames back up, or even better turning their under hooks into your over hooks, you can then focus on adjusting your hips out and away, giving you the room to slip the butterfly hook in.

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By adding this butterfly hook into your half guard, you completely rejuvenate a relatively passive position and can easily force additional distance between you and the opponent.  This can allow you to transition to a stronger, more fortified guard position, or better yet, the hook can allow you to reverse them, leaving you in a dominant position.

The butterfly hook in half guard can truly be your get out of jail free card.  It's an efficient means of protection while simultaneously allowing you to elevate when it behooves you.  The half butterfly guard is truly a next level transformation of standard half guard.

Half Domination from Tom DeBlass has been one of the most successful DVDs we've ever offered.  With the addition of the Half Butterfly Guard to your arsenal, you are going to do far more than dominate your opponents and training partners from the half guard position.  Get your copy of Half Butterfly Guard today at BJJ Fanatics!






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