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What Do You Know About the 50/50?

What Do You Know About the 50/50?


The 50/50 position can be a real nightmare. Both combatants have the same exact body configuration. It can be awkward to escape, especially when, at first, we begin landing in 50/50 on accident with no real plans for attack or advancing. Often times it can seem like a race. If your knowledge outweighs your opponents by even a small margin, chances are you will end up victorious from this position. So, it would make sense to beef up our knowledge of this position and its dynamic array of options.

Check out this video featuring a match from 2016 Worlds between Gabriel Arges and Claudio Calasans. Towards the end Gabriel uses the 50/50 to sweep and then, subsequently, submit Claudio with a very slick kneebar. Gabriel navigates the 50/50 with much confidence and skill.

Gabriel is an definitely an innovator of the kneebar from 50/50. He’s freshened up the position with some new ideas and insight. Here he demonstrates what refers to as the “KneebArges” technique. It’s fairly simple concept with user friendly instruction. Check it out.

 Gabriel has developed some very crafty attacks from what may be an underutilized position to the common practitioner. The 50/50 may be new to you, or it may be that position you continue getting stuck in, and have no answers for, except to haphazardly disengage and change course. Take some time to learn a thing or two about this dynamic spot and maybe next time you end up there, you can finish the match with some solid 50/50 technique!

Take this opportunity to check out Gabriel Arges' instructional "Knee-Barges Leg Attack System" available from BJJ Fanatics and see what sets in his innovative leg attacks apart from the competition.



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