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Worlds Flashback:  Gabriel Arges Versus Claudio Calasans 2016

Worlds Flashback: Gabriel Arges Versus Claudio Calasans 2016


In this edition of BJJ Fanatics Worlds Flashbacks, we take a look at a match between Gabriel Arges and Claudio Calasans in 2016.  This match in the quarter finals would showcase both the technicality and patience of the Gracie Barra and Atos black belts respectively.

Check out the match below:

Gabriel Arges would ultimately prevail in this match by one of his favorite techniques the knee bar, but Calasan's in no way made it easy. He would go on to make it to the finals and close out the bracket with teammate Octavio Sousa.  In 2017, Arges would go on to achieve his dream of winning the world championships as a black belt.

To learn more about Gabriel Arges and his leg attack system, The Knee Barges Leg Attack System, head over to BJJ Fanatics and grab yourself a copy.





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