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What Do You Think of This Hail Mary Arm Lock Trap?

What Do You Think of This Hail Mary Arm Lock Trap?

 Even a back take can have a silver lining

What's that old cliche about teaching an old dog new tricks?  Recently during a visit to Carlos Farias' academy in Arizona, Bernardo Faria met Parker Lapp and that cliche was turned on its head when 65 year old BJJ world champion, Parker Lapp taught Bernardo a new trick.

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During a roll, Bernardo was surprised when Parker Lapp seemed to willingly give his back.  This made Bernardo extremely skeptical and only because of his years of training and competitive experience, he sensed that there was a trap coming and there was.  Check out the video below!

 As Parker explains, this arm lock technique is not set up by giving your opponent the back, but instead you are giving them your "side".  He calls this suicide guard because of the dangers of submissions and loss of points that you can face with this approach, but if you can capitalize on the arm lock, it will all be worth it in the end.

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Once Parker turns to the side, he controls the pants on the opponent to stay connected and prevent their movement.  When the opponent sits up to take secure the seat belt grip on Parker, he will grab the wrist of the opponent to keep them secured.  With the arm that is closest to the opponent, he will chop towards the armpit with his forearm connected to the tricep area above the elbow.

Then by turning his hand so that his thumb points upright, which digs the blade of the forearm into Bernardo's tricep and creates a wedge to allow the downward pressure on the distal portion of the arm to create the arm lock.  This old dog has effectively given Bernardo and all of us a new trick!

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