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Jiu Jitsu Magic Tricks


Giving sleight of hand a whole new meaning

After a recent seminar in Indiana, Bernardo Faria spent some time with black belt Patrick Robinson who is a school owner there to try to figure out some very special BJJ "tricks" that Patrick shared.  It is fun to imagine if you could really do this with your wrists and arm joints.  Your opponents and training partners would have a great deal of difficulty wrist locking or arm locking you for sure!

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Check out the video for yourself and see if you can figure out how he does this series of tricks.  Enjoy!

When you first start jiu jitsu, it's easy to see the more advanced students or your instructor as magicians with special powers.  Pull back the curtain on the most fundamental magic tricks in BJJ when you take advantage of Bernardo Faria's Foundations of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  This series is chock full of over 5 hours worth of Bernardo's favorite techniques and the ones that every student should know.  Get it here from BJJ Fanatics!





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