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What’s Next For Henry Cejudo?

What’s Next For Henry Cejudo?



The Olympic Gold Medalist, and 125lb UFC champion is left without a dance partner now that the rematch with TJ DIllashaw is out the window. Due to adverse findings dating back to their first clash on the UFC’s debut on Espn+, Dillashaw has relinquished his title. Immediately after Cejudo was able to stop TJ with strikes Dillashaw demanded a rematch.

Cejudo made it clear that he would take the rematch under the condition they fight for TJ’s 135lb title. This would be another great addition to Cejudo’s legacy by becoming a double champ, like his buddy Daniel Cormier. However news broke early today that Dillashaw was going to be suspended for at least a year. USADA’s policy is to not announce findings until all of their info is in order  so they don’t falsely accuse someone….again. TJ got out in front of the storm and addressed the situation directly on his Instagram.

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So the question remains what is next for The Messenger? Among the build up for his fight with Dillashaw there was a story developing that it might be the end of the flyweight division. TJ was billed as the man to come and take Cejudo’s belt and end the flyweight division. Since Cejudo saved the division there is only one real challenger to emerge to add some heat into the flyweight division. Enter Joseph Benavidez.

Benavidez is actually one of two people that has a win over Cejudo. They met back in December 2016 where Joseph was able to edge out a split decision. So a strong case can be made for Cejudo and to avenge his only other loss.

If Cejudo decides he wants to go after that second title he will have to take on top contender Marlon Moraes who has been on a path of destruction. Moraes might benefit the most from Dillashaw’s situation. The rematch between Cejudo and Dillashaw was a sure bet. Now that the title is vacant Moraes is undoubtedly the deserving candidate.

Since Cejudo was already going to jump the line for a crack at Dillashaw’s belt, it makes sense that he would challenge the number 1 contender. A match between Magic Marlon Moraes would be sure to draw the attention of hardcore fight fans and may even get the attention of more of the mainstream.


Henry Cejudo might become the first 125 and 135 pound double champ’s in the UFC. He is already an Olympic Gold Medalist, and now he wants to share his knowledge of grappling WITH YOU!!



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