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Who Has Qualified For ADCC So Far?

Who Has Qualified For ADCC So Far?


This weekend saw the first North American trials for the 2019 Abu Dhabi Combat Championships, with the champion at each of the five weight classes punching his ticket to the toughest submission grappling tournament on the planet. So, who is in for ADCC's so far?

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Rubens Charles (Cobrinha BJJ), 2017 ADCC Champion

Zaur Akhmedov (Team Abubakarova), European Trials Champion

Ethan Crelinsten (Tri-Star Gym/Renzo Gracie Academy), North American Trials Champion


JT Torres (Essential BJJ), 2017 ADCC Champion

Ross Nicholls (Roger Gracie Academy), European Trials Champion

Jonathan Satava (Marcelo Garcia Academy), North American Trials Champion


Gordon Ryan (Renzo Gracie Academy), 2017 ADCC Champion

Adam Wardzinski (Checkmat International), European Trials Champion

Alec Baulding (Alliance), North American Trials Champion


Yuri Simoes (Caio Terra Association), 2017 ADCC Champion

Perttu Tepponen (TJJK Tampere), European Trials Champion

Tim Spriggs (Team Lloyd Irvin), North American Trials Champion


Marcus Almeida (Checkmat), 2017 ADCC Champion

Eldar Rafigaev (Jungle BJJ), European Trials Champion

Aaron Johnson (Unity BJJ), North American Trials Champion

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There's a few more open trials to come and a lot of invites to be sent out, but things are already shaping up for another incredible ADCC.

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