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The Darce and The Knee Slice: 2 Peas in a Pod

The Darce and The Knee Slice: 2 Peas in a Pod


Simple Pass, Right Into A Slick Submission!

The knee slice pass may be the most common guard pass in BJJ. Whether its being utilized in the gi or no gi, the pass lends itself to a variety of players. Tall, short, stocky, skinny, you can find practitioners of all shapes and sizes all taking advantage of its many utilities. The options are endless. Almost every player has their favorite version of the pass, and it’s proved itself on the big stage many times over as a favorite of the elite competitors as well.

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The knee slice can be performed quickly, with the passer floating around and through the guard with haste. It can also be done in the company of slow, calculated, crushing pressure if you prefer.

The pass presents us with many opportunities. Your opponent will be forced to deal with your knee cutting up the middle in some form or another, and this will provide us with options. In this video Mario Delgado shows us how to catch a nice darce choke as you’re making your way through the pass.

As Delgado’s bottom partner achieves an under hook (a common response to this pass) he does something very interesting. Often times when we make it to this position, if the under hook is too deep it can be very difficult to thread the darce, as the space becomes very tight, and the angle is wrong. In this version of the technique Delgado gives the illusion that his partner can come up to his knees to put the under hook to work, and then takes advantage.

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As his partner comes up Delgado transitions to the front headlock position. A very smart move indeed. Now he’ll have the ability to begin working on the proper execution of the darce. With a strong gable grip and the use of leverage Delgado is able to force his opponent to his side where he can successfully lock the darce. He then lays to his right side, brings his top leg above his partner, and leans in to finish the submission.

This is tricky. Baiting the under hook to secure the front headlock position is crafty, and presents this unique opportunity to attack the darce.

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