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3 Ways to Finish The Omoplata in No Gi with Tom Deblass (Video)

3 Ways to Finish The Omoplata in No Gi with Tom Deblass (Video)


The Omoplata Position is Powerful, But Are You Finishing The Omoplata Submission?

The omoplata is one of the most recognized and powerful submission attacks in BJJ and Submission Grappling - but it is typically used as a sweep or reversal (especially in no gi) instead of the a brutal shoulder lock submission.

Why is the omoplata so hard to finish?  Well the omoplata control is a relatively easy submission control to find.  But in order to finish the omoplata, essentially your hips need to be over and driving down into your opponents shoulder in order to pin it, while you add rotation to the shoulder using your legs.

The omoplata can be looked at as a kimura with your legs.

No Gi Bad Ass Tom Deblass is a master at finishing the omoplata submission in no gi grappling.  His approach is a little unique compared to what you've probably been taught in the past.  

In this BJJ Fanatics instructional video, Tom Deblass breaks down 3 submissions and 1 powerful jiu jitsu sweep from the omoplata control position.  

Tom also shares some very, very important details on how to get the omoplata position from bottom guard with overhook control.  

He uses a shoulder pin guard sometimes used by Neil Melanson (Team Couture) and Shawn Williams (Renzo Gracie).

The shoulder pin / trap from guard is one of the those positions that are high percentage attacking positions with low risk of getting passed or countered


Here's the video of Tom Deblass breaking down how he sets up the omoplata with overhook control and the shoulder pin; and then shows 3 submissions off the omoplata position.

In this BJJ Fanatics Instructional Video, here is what you will learn:

  • How to get overhook control and break posture from closed guard
  • How to Setup the Omoplata Submission Attack From Overhook Control
  • How to attack the wrist lock submission from omoplata control
  • How to hit a powerful sweep / reversal from omoplata control
  • How to finish the omoplata the right way from guard, even if you have bad knees.

The Half Guard Domination series with Tom Deblass is an absolute f_cking necessity if you play half guard.  It is rare to find a DVD / On Demand series with so much details on how to kick ass from half guard



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