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Easily Omoplata EVERYONE

Easily Omoplata EVERYONE


The omoplata is a shoulder submission in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that, like many moves in the BJJ lexicon, has it's roots in other arts like judo and catch wrestling.  Named after the scapula or "blade bone" in Portuguese, the use of the technique has evolved over the course of the less than a century old martial art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  

The effectiveness of the omoplata technique and it's efficacy in competition was debated for decades until BJJ confederation rule changes and a few pioneering athletes, namely Antonio "Nino" Schembri began to utilize the position as both a submission and also the basis for a broader system where other submission techniques and reversals could be launched.

Still to this day, it is a technique that may not have gotten the attention it deserves.  Sure we all remember the famous photo of Clark Gracie who uses the technique extremely well in his game being his ridiculously good looking self while being held up in an omoplata lock by Ken Primola in competition.  


The key to adding any new submission to our game is to find the simplest and easiest explanation and application of the technique and to begin mastering the core principles of the move.  This requires a great teacher to boil down what can at first seem like complex movements. 

Bernardo Faria has built his entire world championship level game which helped him when world titles on 5 different occasions with only a relatively small toolbox of techniques.  But this toolbox made up of incredible pressure passes like the over/under pass, a dynamic half guard game, and his deceptively basic submission game, is reminiscent of the classic martial arts cliche which warns us to worry more about the person who has practiced a technique 10,000 times than the person who knows 10,000 techniques.  In his submission game, the omoplata holds a special place.

After having one of those classic "lightbulb moments" where things begin to click into place after having a conversation with a friend about the omoplata, Bernardo began working it into his game.  Once he had solidified the basics, he began to work on nuances and counters to his opponent's reactions and now he can easily omoplata anyone from anywhere.  Don't take our word for it.  Check out the video below where Bernardo famously rolls with every student, nearly 30 different opponents, and finishes each of them with an omoplata.

 Now that it is safe to say Bernardo Faria is a master of the omoplata, let's take a look at an excerpt from one of his most recent instructional releases from BJJ Fanatics, Omoplata Everyone".  Bernardo is one of a few competitors who have achieved the highest levels of competitive success, but who have also set themselves apart as instructors of the art who are able to translate the complex techniques into easily accessible moves for everyone.  Check it out and we'll break it down.

 The keys to the omoplata for Bernardo Faria are relatively simple.  If you accomplish these simple goals, the omoplata is all but finished.

First you must isolate the arm you want to attack.

In this set up, Bernardo uses a pistol grip to secure the opponent's hand as it rests on his torso preventing him from coming up.

Next you must anchor your body by under hooking the leg.

By under hooking the leg, you anchor your body making it easy to turn and to also begin driving your hips into the opponent which simultaneously pushes them away making the omoplata easier and sets up the next step which is elevating the hips.

Now you must elevate the hips.

Elevating the hips allows you to finish the the rotation of your body nearly 180 degrees to begin to bring you alongside the opponent, with your body running parallel and your head towards their feet instead of your legs.  The elevation of the hips also allows you to further break their posture and triangle your legs over their shoulder to set up the omoplata finish.

Once all these things have been accomplished it's all downhill from there.  Mainly for your opponent.  By securing control of the hips and sitting up, Bernardo is able to simply "tell them some secrets" and the submission is there.  Never been easier to take out your opponent with this multi-faceted submission attack.

If you're ready to get Bernardo's full Omoplata system check out "Omoplata Everyone" from BJJ Fanatics today!  In no time, you'll be locking down shoulders and telling all your favorite people secrets, just not how to finish the omoplata!






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