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Develop a More Dynamic Half Guard by Adding a Butterfly Hook to the Mix!

Develop a More Dynamic Half Guard by Adding a Butterfly Hook to the Mix!


You may be familiar with the half guard, but have you been acquainted with its close relative the butterfly half guard? If you haven’t been exposed to it yet, it’s definitely worth a look.

A well-placed butterfly hook in the bottom half guard can put your opponent in a sticky situation. In most cases, if we’ve managed to remain on our side in the half guard, all it takes is a basic escape of the hips to enter the mighty butterfly hook into the mix. Once the hook is set, it seems our opponent can not move forward without consequences. The possibilities, as far as elevation is concerned, are many. At a very basic level, a simple trapping of the far arm can yield an unassuming butterfly sweep. It may even help you get out of trouble. Perhaps your opponent has flattened you, and you’re looking to work your way back to a more favorable half guard position. A good frame and a solid hip escape may provide the perfect amount of room to enter a life-saving butterfly hook. You can elect to use the over hook on the near side, launch submissions, and transition seamlessly to the x-guard if you so choose. And of course, there’s much more!

Have you ever secured a kimura in the bottom half-guard on the far side arm, only to be flattened and your efforts brought to a halt? This can be a difficult place to finish the kimura, especially if your opponent is larger than you. No worries! The butterfly half guard can help!  In this video Fabio Holanda uses the kimura and the half-butterfly hook together to elevate and off-balance his partner. He ultimately transitions the attack back inside of the closed guard where he gains the positioning and leverage for a strong finish. Notice the power of the butterfly hook and the persuasion of the submission working alongside each other. Enjoy!

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