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Why Break One Arm When You Can Break Two!?

Why Break One Arm When You Can Break Two!?


The classic armbar is a thing of beauty. It is one of the fundamental techniques in Jiu-Jitsu. In the technique itself there are multiple foundational concepts that once learned and understood can be applied in many other techniques. So if one armbar is good, two must be better!

Renato Canuto recently released 50 Shades of Armbars. In this instructional he covers everything from rolling to flying armbars. The double armbar specifically has been a technique that is notoriously underrated, and because of that can really catch your opponent off-guard.

The technique starts with a very common grip and posture from our opponent. This is a great move for beginners since this is a very common posture that is utilized to maintain balance while in the closed guard. Canuto begins the technique explaining that fighting the posture from collar grips is not advised. Instead he opts for attacking the supports of his opponent’s posture, his arms.

Focusing on the supports of the posture is crucial to breaking the posture. He goes on to explain that it isn’t necessary to break the grips completely off of you but instead to start to move them away from your hips. From here he utilizes the momentum of his leg swing to allow his hips to travel upwards while he crosses his feet in a high guard. Now is when the magic happens.

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Since both of the arms are being attacked the finish isn’t the same as a traditional single-arm armbar. The high guard around the shoulders and head of his opponent allows him to be able to raise his hips and apply the necessary pressure on their arms. Another crucial detail is how Renato keeps his elbows tight to his side. This makes the grips that much stronger on his opponent’s sleeves.

This technique is often overlooked and serves as a good starting point for many beginners. As the level of opponent goes up the more likely they will see this coming and be able to defend. Rest assured Canuto has other options for their response, since he is quickly becoming an International Armbar Ambassador.



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