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Why is Danahers "Enter The System" So Good?

Why is Danahers "Enter The System" So Good?


How can one instructional video series be so good?  People always wonder how John Danaher can be such a sought after instructor, they want to know what segregates him from the norm?  Well, John is simply put, is the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor on the planet.  John has been coaching at the highest levels of bjj and MMA for years and has constantly got results. 

The proof is in the pudding.  What do we mean by this?  Well, we have to provide you with some context.  Basically, in the last 5 years we have seen an explosion in popularity for leg locks in bjj.  Why is this happening?  Well, recently, a whole new circuit of bjj competitions has surfaced.  We now have "professional" bjj events that are happening almost every weekend, along with that we also have a lot of submission only events that are starting to spring up.  We have events like the Eddie Bravo Invitational, Fight To Win Pro, Metamoris, Polaris, and so many more. 

With all of these competitions on the rise, the rule sets that many of the high level bjj competitors are competing under have changed.  Before, the IBJJF was the pinnacle of the sport.  Now we have people who are able to make a name for themselves using platforms such as EBI (Eddie Bravo Invitational).  These are very prestigious events.  Which brings us back to our initial point that the proof is in the pudding.  What we mean by this is that John Danaher has developed an elite team of highly successful grapplers referred to as the "Danaher Death Squad" who have been dominating the submission only scene and have made a name for themselves on platforms like EBI.

You have probably heard of them and if you have not, you may have been living under a rock.  Gordon Ryan is potentially the best No Gi grappler on the planet.  He has won several EBI tournaments and he even cemented himself as the ADCC Champion in 2017 by beating some IBJJF champion by submission and having an extremely dominant performance.  How was he able to accomplish all of this?  It was through the training and knowledge acquired from his mentor and coach, John Danaher.  Gordon has even credited everything to Danaher.

Along with guys like Gordon, John Danaher has also been a pivotal part of George St. Pierre's Career in the UFC.  George is perceived by many as the best pound for pound fighter to ever do MMA.  George has gone on record several times crediting John Danaher as one of the most paramount parts of his training.  John has helped George achieve greatness and become the athlete he is today.

So how does Danaher achieve such exceptional results?  Well, he has a system based approach to grappling.  He is a very methodical person who takes a cerebral and scholarly approach to bjj.  He looks at the conceptual aspects, technical aspects, and approaches teaching like a college professor.  This approach makes sense when you factor in the fact that he has a PHD from Columbia University in Philosophy. 

Teaching is an art, if somebody has the best competition resume in the world, that does not mean that they will be able to teach well.  The ability to relay information in a manner that makes it easy for people to understand is one of the most difficult things to do.  What makes Danaher such an anomaly is the fact that he makes it easy for people to learn, and not only is it easy but he makes it possible for people to learn quickly.  

Some of his best students have only been training for a few years.  For example, the Ryan brothers have not been training more than 6 years and they have been able to achieve world class level bjj in the short period of time.  Often times they are able to beat people who have trained for 2 and 3 times as long as they have.  It is remarkable.

John is a Jiu Jitsu Genius.  It is simple.  The way that he breaks things down and the curriculum he has developed are what make him so good.  His system is amazing.  He takes you on a step by step process of how to do things and creates a "systematic approach."  Check out the video below where John talks about his goals in producing this video series, why he did it and what he wants the outcome to be.


Benefits of a System

There are so many benefits to having a system.  In bjj, the main component that many of the top level guys are using to win at the highest levels is that they have developed a game.  This game is normally comprised of several attacks that the practitioner is an expert on and they are able to chain attacks together from one to another and they have probably seen every single reaction that any opponent is going to give.   This is part of what makes Danahers Enter The System the best. 

Danaher has taken every reaction that an opponent can give into consideration and has created his system off of that.  So no matter what you think someone is going to do to defend, the answer is there.  John has done all of the hard work for you, all you have to do is get his system that took years of work, pull out your pen and paper and study it.

Having chain attacks may be the single most important thing.  In bjj, when you are learning you want to create a web of attacks.  Since no one person is ever going to roll exactly like another, you need to be able to compensate for this by knowing multiple reactions and having a solution.  For example, if you are going to do a single leg takedown and your opponent puts their leg on the outside, maybe you go for a double leg.  If they turn and run, maybe you do a double ankle pick.  It does not really matter what you do, as long as you have an answer.

This is the beauty of John Danaher’s teachings.  He is always prepared and understands different high level reactions that his opponent may give because he is very methodical and takes a unique approach to teaching. When it comes to leg locks, having a system of chain attacks like we spoke about above is everything.  You need to be able to link your moves together and go from one to the other like it is instinct.  Obviously being able to do this well takes time and practice but if you see Danaher’s Students, you will quickly understand that it is a system that they use.  Gordon Ryan rose to fame so quickly like we spoke about above and he was able to achieve this world class level by developing a system.  IF you watch him compete it is pretty incredible, he is always ready for anything and he is always going to have an answer.  Gordon is one of the best grapplers in the entire world thanks to John.

If we have peaked your interest and you have decided that you want to take the necessary steps to master leglocks you can get John Danahers "Enter The System" below.  If you do decide to take the leap get your pen and paper ready to take notes.  This is a decision you will not regret. 

John takes a very cerebral approach to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  He is able to articulate the art in a way that perhaps no one else can.  While John is incredible to listen to, he has a perhaps unmatched ability to make the complex seem simple, make the difficult become easy - and it is this skill that speeds the learning curve like no other teacher on the planet. This Series can take your no gi bjj to the next level, literally.  Guys in the gym will have no idea how you got so good at leglocks so quickly and they will be begging you for information.  It is that good.  People tend to neglect the lower body and by doing so they limit their own growth.  You should learn this before it is to late and be a step ahead of the game.  You will not regret it one bit.  This is the best system on the planet.


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