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Why Judo for BJJ?

Why Judo for BJJ?


Bjj has long been notorious for neglecting proper stand up training.  Judo on the other hand is notorious for being one of the best martial arts for stand up.  Cross training Judo and Bjj can make you one of the most dangerous people around.  Judo can accelerate your growth in bjj in so many different ways.  There are so many similarities between the two forms of grappling.

There has long been a debate in the bjj community, on which form of grappling is better to cross train, Judo or Wrestling. Long story short they both have amazing benefits and it differs from person to person.  Some people may benefit more from Judo and others may benefit more from Wrestling.  Judo is good for the Bjj practitioner because it incorporates the gi and will develop grip strength and knowledge, it will build tenaciousness and it will help with base and cardio.

Judo and Grip Strength/Knowledge

Judo players are infamous for unbelievable grip strength.  So much of Judo throws is dependent on getting the right grip and keeping it.  If you train Bjj in the gi, Judo will take your grip strength, grip fighting, and grip knowledge to the next level.  What does this all mean? Knowing what grips are important and why to use them is one of the most important elements of being a good Bjj practitioner, Judo stresses the importance of grips.

Grip fighting and strength is also a key component to being a good Bjj practitioner and again, Judo teaches these things more than almost any Bjj school.  Judo and Bjj share the importance of grips and training both will benefit you so much.  Check out our article on US Olympic Judo Gold Medalist, “Kayla Harrison, The Gold Standard of Grappling.” Also, check out a clip of Kayla showing some Judo approach.

Judo for Tenacity, Base and Cardio

Judo is one of the toughest sports/martial arts in the world.  Wrestling and Judo have long embraced the phrase “embrace the grind.”  Since these sports are so tough they require tenacity, good cardio, a strong will and a strong mind.  These are very important characteristics for any sport and will transcend to your Jiu Jitsu if you cross train.

Not only will you develop tenacity, carido, and a strong mind, you will also be able to develop skills necessary for bjj like good base.  Judo always starts from standing and this will help you develop good base.  Base is one of the most important things for bjj.  When you’re about to get swept you want to be able to keep your base.  Check out our article “How Wrestling and Judo will improve your BJJ.”  Also, check out this video below with US Olympic Silver Medalist and Bjj Black Belt, Travis Stevens showing some awesome throws for Bjj.

If you want to incorporate some Judo training into your bjj but don’t have the time or money to sign up at a Judo academy, check out US Olympic Gold Medalist, Kayla Harrisons DVD set, “The Real Judo Chop and Other Favorites.”  This is your best resource to add high level world class Judo to your bjj.


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