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Kayla Harrison:  Gold Standard Grappling

Kayla Harrison: Gold Standard Grappling


BJJ instructional videos and DVDs typically play an essential part of most Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athlete's development.  Because of the complexity of many of the techniques, having a resource to watch and review to help ensure proper execution of the techniques.  So whether you are casually perusing video channels like YouTube for the latest techniques, or you're a fan of sites like this one here at BJJ Fanaticsyou know the importance of getting those cutting edge moves.

What you will find is that the vast majority of BJJ instructionals feature male BJJ athletes.  While there are several that are geared towards women's self defense, there has been a hole in the universe of BJJ instructionals, until now.  This particular instructional breaks the mold and typical formula by way of "The Real Judo Chop!"

With the release of her technique instructional, "The Real Judo Chop and Other Favorites", two time Olympic gold medalist Kayla Harrison offers all of the secrets that will improve your takedowns, your passing, and your submission attempts from the ground.  Kayla is considered the greatest living grappler having dominated at the 2012 and 2016 Olympics in Judo.  For a good primer on the similarities and differences between judo, Japanese Jiu Jitsu and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, check out our article at BJJ Fanatics here.

The video below will give you a good sense of the power and intensity that Kayla displays on the mats.  Through her perfect execution of all of her techniques, she is able to dominate virtually all of her opponents.


 Now that you've gotten a taste of Kayla's competitive fire and amazing execution on the judo mats, take a look at the choke sequence that she shares in the next video.  This will give you an excellent introduction to the type of instruction, her DVD will offer and whether you are a judo player or strictly a jiu jitsu athlete, you will gain insight into her powerful and unique style.

 Unlike most choke instructional videos you might be familiar with, this one featuring Kayla and her gold winning judo game includes a very strong takedown which forces the opponent into a turtle position.  Without hesitation, Kayla applies the deadly force of the clock choke.  The crisp precision with which she executes these techniques will inspire you to keep drilling well after class is over to try to match her delivery.

For another Judoka's take on the choke submission game, check out our article on the north/south choke of Judo Olympian Travis Stevens here at BJJ Fanatics.

 Are you ready to learn from one of the most successful grapplers in the history of combat sports.  Kayla Harrison has won every major Judo event there is to win, including back to back gold medals at the Olympics.  Kayla Harrison is truly the gold standard of grapplers and sets an amazing bar for other male and female judo and jiu jitsu athletes to try to strive for through her excellent example.  Get her new DVD instructional, "The Real Judo Chop and Other Favorites" here for the unheard of price of $47!




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