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Will Garry Tonon Return to the Grappling Stage?

Will Garry Tonon Return to the Grappling Stage?


Lion Killer Leaves An Absence in Grappling World

We miss seeing the “Lion Killer” on the grappling stage. Garry Tonon has provided us with years of exciting and inspiring moments during his run as one of BJJ’s stand out stars. Tonon has since switched his focus to MMA, pursuing a contract with ONE Fighting Championship. Tonon is 2-0 in his MMA career with OneFC, and the future is looking bright for the first grappler ever to receive a black belt from the one and only Professor Tom DeBlass. Although we can’t help but mourn his departure from the grappling arena, we’re excited to watch him chase his dreams of rising to the top of the MMA rankings.

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Will we ever see Tonon again in a grappling match?

In a recent interview Tonon discusses the possibility of taking on a grappling-only match if the circumstances are just right. Tonon states he would step back into the grappling arena “if the grappling match happened that is well-timed” and “if it’s a good opponent that elevates my career in some way.” These circumstances are necessary because his MMA career is his priority right now and he does not want to take too much time away from training and fighting. He is trying to fight as much as possible to get as much MMA experience as he can.

Well-Timed Grappling Match Could Tease Tonon Away from MMA

The idea of taking on a grappling match that is personally exciting and also good for his career is something Tonon says he would love to do. “I still love grappling,” he says. Tonon also mentions the possibility of ONE getting into grappling as another avenue in which he may grapple again in the future.

For now, we will continue to support Tonon in his MMA career, but we will still be hopeful for the stars to align so we can watch the “lion killer” in action once again.

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