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Working at BJJF is a Dangerous Business: OR Enduring Hard Training Raises Your Skill Level

Working at BJJF is a Dangerous Business: OR Enduring Hard Training Raises Your Skill Level


Danger...Danger Everywhere!...

Making BJJ Fanatics videos can be hazardous to your health. So you think that you want to shoot a video? At BJJ Fanatics we want you to have the best, most realistic content possible. So much so, that we are willing to sacrifice our bodies to get it to you. All kidding aside, to advance in our art, we need to focus on improving and hardening our bodies at every turn. Do this, and you will be able to practice BJJ for a very long time. 

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Have a look at this video for example. In it you will find your author enjoying a high speed face plant, where my junk gets used as a handle. 

Now if you have never had your junk used against you as a weapon and your face meeting the floor after a high speed inversion in training, you are in for a treat. The thrill of not having to wonder what face planting and junk leveraging anymore is very satisfying. ((sarcasm))

In the attached video you see a move that you be very surprised to learn is actually quite easy to execute. Even when you know that the move is coming, and you think you are going to defend, the reality of defending against a good, scary technique in a ballistic manner is a great training tool. 

What I mean by that is you need to step outside your comfort zone in your training. You need to work on those scary moves, and you need to get an understanding of the robust nature of your body. Finding you limits and enduring discomfort is what will set you apart in your training and skill development. 

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All too often in our world today, we get comfortable, complacent and soft. One of the greatest things about BJJ is the physicality and the share sacrifice that we all go through to practice our art. We get to connect with ourselves and our training partners. The added benefit is that we connect with our bodies and our peers; and in doing so bonds get formed that will never die. 

Have a look at the BJJF catalog, and if you have any questions, or want a specific breakdown on a move, drop me a line here; and I will break it down for you. Rest assured, if you have a question, others will have the same question.

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