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Fly High, and Fly Safe!

Fly High, and Fly Safe!


Fly Into Your Submissions. But Be Safe!

Hitting a flying technique in a BJJ competition is kind of like hitting a walk off home run in baseball or Hail Mary touchdown pass to finish the game. It is athleticism and technique taken to the extreme. Watching a full grown adult launch through the air with intentions of crippling a limb of another human is something to behold.

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But how do you get there? At some point the techniques pulled off in competition must’ve been practiced safely at the gym. Some people approach flying techniques like it’s the silver bullet or cure all to a competition setting. This attitude will often lead to a catastrophic collapse to the mat.

Mario Delgado has you covered. Here he demonstrates an effective yet safe maneuver from the common tie up. One thing to point out is where he ends when performing the technique. He is landing underneath of his opponent, thus making his opponent’s weight start to shift forward over his toes. This makes the impact and efficiency of Mario’s flying arm bar much more manageable.

Often times flying techniques end with a loud thud. This could be because our opponent has no intention of holding us up. It also could be the cessation of our movement after getting the legs over the face and torso. Mario makes a conscious effort to continue his momentum underneath of his opponent. This makes it extremely difficult for the opponent to slam Mario, as his downward force is redirected in front of him.

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Practicing flying techniques helps if you have a partner who can handle your weight. When a partner can assist you to the floor it will take some of the fear/apprehension away from the technique. Another safety precaution that can be utilized is a crash mat like you would see in a gymnastics room. Practice makes perfect, and when it involves falling on you neck you might want to spend plenty of time with Delgado’s approach.

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