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Wrist Locks, Sneaky, Simple, and Effective

Wrist Locks, Sneaky, Simple, and Effective


One of the most underrated submissions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the wrist lock.  It is not commonly taught, and severely underutilized.  If you put time into learning this incredible submission you will find that the wrist lock presents itself from so many positions.

Wrist locks are extremely versatile; they can be used in gi, nogi, from guard, passing, and several other positions.  Wrist locks are sneaky, simple, and effective. So many people don’t see them coming and they come on extremely fast.

Sneaky Benefits of Wrist Locks

One of the best benefits of the wrist lock is that it is a sneaky submission.  We wrote an entire article titled “Wrist Locks, a Sneaky Submission.” What makes them so sneaky? Many people don’t train wrist locks and the wrist is readily available.  It is very similar to a leg lock in the idea that wrist locks and foot locks present themselves very often.

If you are well versed with wrist locks, you can catch your opponent from a multitude of different positions and they won’t see it coming.  The other thing that makes them sneaky is the fact that when you catch a wrist lock, for the most part, you should do it hard and fast.  This will cause your opponent to verbally tap or tap very quickly.  Check out this video of a cool wrist lock from Olympic silver medalist in Judo, Travis Stevens.

Simplicity of the Wrist Lock

The wrist lock is a relatively simple submission.  Simple in the mechanics to finish it but there are very many advanced entries and set ups.  Once you learn the mechanics of how to finish a wrist lock, you have to learn different entries to catch your opponent. Check out this “Brutal and Easy Wrist Lock.”

Another element of the wrist lock that makes it simple is the fact that the wrist presents itself very often, much like the feet.  This will allow you to capture wrist locks prior to passing guard, and from several different guards.  So the philosophy of “position before submission” is not so necessary.  Check out another great wrist lock from Travis Stevens below.

Effectiveness of the Wrist Lock

The wrist lock is extremely underrated.  Contrary to popular belief it is an extremely effective submission and if your opponent does not tap, you will break a bone.  There are many submissions that attack ligaments or tendons, but the wrist lock attacks the bone as well.  

The wrist also has very little muscle so a small person can apply a wrist lock on a much bigger person. When a small person tries to arm bar or kimura someone larger than them, it may be difficult, the wrist however, is easy to capitalize on.  Check out yet another wrist lock from Travis Steven, Judo Olympian and BJJ black belt.

If you want to enhance your submissions and wrist locks in particular, check out Judo Olympian, silver medalist, and bjj black belt Travis Stevens DVD on wrist locks.  There is a special deal for bundles of Travis Stevens DVD’s were you can get a 14 DVD set with information on every aspect of bjj and grappling.  There is Judo, chokes, submissions, sweeps, passes, guards, and so much more.


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