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Wristlocks from EVERYWHERE with Pete “The Greek” Letsos

Wristlocks from EVERYWHERE with Pete “The Greek” Letsos



Wristlocks have that stigma. You know what I’m talking about. The leg lock carried the same burden for much of its time and unfortunately it still does to some degree. People tend to think it’s a cheap way to win or don’t respect the skills involved with the application. The truth is, the wrist is a joint just like any other, and its fair game. I don’t quite understand why these black sheep of the submission family get such a bad rap. Its fun to learn about these techniques and it makes us more well-rounded martial artists. 

The wrist lock itself has some pretty deep roots in self-defense. Look up some old classic BJJ videos and you’ll see them riddled with wrist manipulations in response to pushes, pulls, grabs, and so on. Many even lead to some incredibly gnarly throws. We can’t deny it, the wristlock is part of the submission family and we need to accept it back in to the fold. 

There are a handful of moments where wristlocks appear in action during competition as well. When they are legal in a competition ruleset, they can seriously turn the tables. I’m not saying people left and right are getting submitted with wristlocks at the highest levels, but a wristlock can certainly command someone’s attention and possibly cause an opponent to make a mistake. 

There is a champion for the wristlock out there that wants you to get more familiar with these types of attacks and we happen to have him on board here at BJJ Fanatics. Pete the Greek is one of the most well-known wrist lockers in the game and comes from a legendary team, with an incredible BJJ background. He’s spent time training with some of the most iconic figures in the sport and has amassed a wealth of BJJ knowledge. Pete the Greek’s release with BJJ Fanatics, Wristlock the World, is now available. Let’s check out a sample of some of Pete’s work in this amazing video where he demonstrates an incredibly impressive number of wristlocks from every position! Check this out! 


With a little bit of background on how he became so interested in the wristlock, Pete describes his first experience being submitted with the technique. He was instantly hooked and began studying the technique and seeing how it could be applied to any BJJ setting.

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As you can see, Pete has obviously done his homework. For mw to breakdown every example shown here would take hours. It’s incredibly impressive to see just how many applications of the wristlock are available in any given setting. 

Explaining the details of a bad car accident he was involved in; Pete gives us a little more insight in to why he prefers the wristlock as much as he does. Left with some ailments from the crash, Pete was able to use the wristlock more and more to save his body from being put in to positions that would affect his injuries. You can see that there is very little movement required to apply these techniques and this can be helpful when your working with limited mobility and even as we age. As Pete states, when you become good at the wristlock, other people become scared to “hold you”. This creates hesitation and leads to mistakes that can be taken advantage of. These are interesting things to keep in mind. 

There is a staggering amount of attacks here and quite honesty I never imagined there could be this many ways to implement a wristlock. This is great stuff from name that we hear often but should know much more about in Pete the Greek!

Wristlocks may be taboo to you, but Pete the Greek just ran a clinic on how they can be used effectively and he also left us with some important things to think about with way he became so interested in their application. Don’t be close minded! You may find that studying these types of attacks adds significant value to your game. When leg locks started to become popular, I remember someone saying that we shouldn’t ignore 50% of the body. That’s actually a pretty prolific statement, and it rings true here as well. Don’t ignore the small joints. Attacking them may bring you success in many different forms. Much like the legs and the weakness of the ligaments in the knees, the wrists are a weak joint. be careful here with your training partners. Respect the fact that it takes a lot less pressure and force to cause injury to these joints than some of the others. Don’t be reckless. If you’re going to attack the wrists, do so with careful consideration for who you’re training with! Be a rebel and attack wristlock today! Good luck!

Wrist Lock The World by Pete The Greek Letsos

Wrist Lock The World by Pete The Greek Letsos is a MASTERCLASS in Wrist Locks. As it turns out this brutal little gem comes from EVERYWHERE. Pete The Greek covers wrist locks from the standing position, closed guard, and even while in a STRANGLEHOLD. Add Wrist Lock The World to your studies! Your Friends might regret it, but YOU WON’T!



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