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The 5 Stages of The Body Lock Pass

The 5 Stages of The Body Lock Pass


When it comes to passing the guard, you can never have too many options.  I would also argue that there is no such thing as too controlling when you are working to pass someone’s guard.  It is incredible how different it can be passing someone’s guard in drilling or in training at your academy and compared to trying to pass someone’s guard in competition.  What you will start to notice if you haven’t already is that good, high percentage passes typically either involve speed and mobility, or creating a lot of pressure.  

The body lock pass can really make someone’s life miserable if they want to let that happen.  Traditionally they do not want to let that happen so they allow the guard pass because the pain of the pass is too great.  Lachlan Giles has an incredible body lock pass that he quickly breaks down the stages of for us.

There are 5 stages we want to look at when we are going for a body lock pass.  Let’s break them down and look at any details that go along with them. 


The first stage is to have the opponent’s back exposed and off of the mat.  If the opponent is laying flat on their back on the mat there is no way for you to get under them to lock your grip.  

The next stage is connect the hands behind the opponent’s back.  Lachlan does this using an S grip in this example. I would think the grip you opt for is going to be determined by the size of the opponent and the length of your arms. 

Moving on to the third stage, we are looking to clear the knee line.  This means we are going to drive the opponent down to the mat and move our leg over the opponent’s leg on the side we are planning to pass to. 

At this point we are likely locked in half guard, or a fairly poor attempt at half guard anyway.  From here the fourth stage is to free our knee. This can be done by using our free foot to step on the opponent’s leg and pull our other leg free.  

The final step is to then windshield wiper both legs to the side of the opponent and secure side control. 

While this is a quick over view of the body lock pass, Lachlan specializes in this pass as well as many other things however he has a whole video instructional detailing each and every step that goes into making this pass work as well as common issues you may run into.  

As you can see with the level of detailed instruction, there is no way his video instructional will let you down.  Imagine 6 volumes of detailed, step by step instruction breaking down one of the most powerful passes out there all put together by a World Medalist and ADCC veteran.  Exactly, this one is a must have. Get your copy today and start body locking everyone, regardless of their belt.  

The Body Lock Pass by Lachlan Giles
Hang on tight with The Body Lock Pass by Lachlan Giles. Revitalize your passing with the power of The Body Lock. Fresh off of a Stellar ADCC 2019 performance, Lachlan Giles is ready to show you how to Dominate with The Body Lock Pass!



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