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You Simply Must Show Up

You Simply Must Show Up


The formula is simpler than you think.

When we opened our BJJ academy, our very first slogan was “Show up. Train. Get Better”. We printed it on t-shirts, hoodies, and rash guards. We proudly wore them around the academy and in public, constantly reminding us, and anyone who cared to read our clothing, of the action that needed to be performed in order to get the results we wanted.

Getting better is a by-product of our training. And training is the action. But showing up. This is the most difficult aspect of our little slogan.

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What is it about that critical period of time after we decide to do something and actually doing it that creates such a conundrum for those that wish to attain a higher level of proficiency in BJJ? Or anyone pursuing anything to a greater level for that matter.

It’s daunting to think about doing what’s necessary to achieve something great, because nothing great comes without hard work and sacrifice. And I truly feel that everyone knows that. But we can’t bear the entire weight of a goal we wish to attain from its inception. To get started you must stop telling yourself the story of why you can’t, and simply, show up.

Yes, show up. We all know that once we walk through the door and immerse ourselves in our craft, the feelings of weight and anxiety disappear, and in that moment, you’re simply progressing.

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We sabotage ourselves over and over again with our minds. We take the easy way out. We make excuses. Every person on earth has moments of weakness. But what makes one person different from the other is acknowledgement and action. Do you acknowledge you’ve had a moment of weakness, and correct it, or do you allow yourself to get caught in the same cycle, telling the old story? Don’t let one misstep sabotage your entire game plan. Acknowledge it, fix it, and stay the course.

Missed class for 3 weeks? Stop thinking about it, and go today. Normally get up at 6 to get work done, and you’ve spent the last 4 days sleeping in? Get up at 6 tomorrow. Stopped eating sugar, and ate a piece of cake last night? Don’t eat sugar today. A misstep doesn’t mean something is over, unless you stay in the cycle. Do something about it NOW, and break the cycle before it becomes a monster. And even if it is a monster, the same rules apply. Just show up, and the rest will take care of itself.

You have to show up for yourself. You have to constantly remind yourself that this is what you do, motivated or not, you have to show up.

Stop telling the story, and take action NOW.

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