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Develop a More Efficient System from Single Leg X with Lachlan Giles

Develop a More Efficient System from Single Leg X with Lachlan Giles


Using this powerful position for more than leg attacks

Lachlan Giles has been releasing some fantastic content lately. His instruction is easy to follow and he always seems to cover some of the most problematic themes in the BJJ game, giving insight into how we can tighten up some important details we may be missing.

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More recently, the single leg x guard has become well known as the gateway to the leg lock game. It’s a good starting point for learning leg locks, but it also has other useful properties if you can maintain the position for long enough. Unfortunately, with the rise of the leg lock, the options from single leg x, may be getting overlooked as many practitioners are in a hurry to transition to more elaborate leg entanglements in the search for the lower body sub.

In this video Giles delves into some of the finer details of reversing from single leg x. Have a look.

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He gives a few tips on securing the position to give us the best possible bite on our opponent’s leg for off balancing. Without solidifying the position using correct mechanics, your time is single leg x will often be quite limited as it will be easily broken down.

The first sweep involves capturing the free foot of your partner. If this can be done the reversal will most likely be inevitable. One of the most important parts of this video is the presentation of what to do when the foot cannot be captured, as a more experienced grappler will have good balance and feel a sense of danger from this position.

The first concept for solving this problem involves changing the angle of the sweep. Instead of applying pressure straight towards our partner when we have control of the free foot, Giles employs a twisting motion towards the captured knee to create a more dramatic off balancing effect.

If our partner decides to go down to one knee for fear of being swept, Giles then transitions his top arm under the leg, uses his x hook to make some space and performs a technical get up.

The finer details at 4:39 in the video are huge. These ideas will make hunting down the reversal much easier. The idea of selling the first sweep will set a series of events in motion, allowing your partner to decide how they’ll be swept.

The idea of getting our partners hands to floor, so that we can execute the sweep upon his return to standing is a phenomenal detail. These kinds of action reaction-based themes are the essence of jiu-jitsu, and there certainly at work here.

Take the time to watch the entire video. If you struggle with maintaining the single leg x position this will be a godsend for you. In order to be successful in our conquest here, we have to keep our opponent on the run. Allowing too much time for he/she to think will lead to the unraveling of the position before you manage to mount any offense. Thank you, Lachlan Giles, for the great details!

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