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Yuri Simoes Tops Tim Spriggs In Heavyweight Clash

Yuri Simoes Tops Tim Spriggs In Heavyweight Clash


In what was a Fight To Win no-gi bout defined by aggressive handfighting between two elite black belts, Yuri Simoes (Team Caio Terra) topped Tim Spriggs (Team Lloyd Irvin) by unanimous decision. The heavyweight grapplers met in a 10-minute no gi, submission-only bout that saw most of the action coming on the feet. With the win, Yuri defends his Fight to Win no-gi championship.

Learn The Takedowns, Passes, And Submissions That ADCC Champion Yuri Simoes Uses To Win At The Highest Levels


With both men confident in their takedowns and top game, they hand fought through collar and elbow ties, trying to dig for underhooks and tie up wrists before changing levels and shooting to the legs. These two both bring a lot of power and intensity, and a few times the mat wasn't enough to contain them and they tumbled into the crowd.

The ruleset in Fight To Win is highly favored towards submission attempts, so as soon as Yuri Simoes finally brought the fight to the mat by pulling guard, Tim was jumping on a leglock, with Yuri using the scramble to come out on top. Again, they hit the feet, and Yuri pulled, Tim tried a leg lock and a few front headlocks, but couldn't get close to any real submission threat. Yuri held more control, Tim was a lot more active in looking for submissions, and the judges favored Simoes across the board. With the win, Yuri Simoes retained the Fight To Win 220-lb No Gi Championship.

Yuri Simoes is one of the best no-gi grapplers in the world, and his 4-volume instructional set will give you all the top game tricks you need to win too.


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