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Don’t Fear the Flying Subs – Get to Know Them

Don’t Fear the Flying Subs – Get to Know Them


They Are Not That Scary, Give Them A Try!

For many of us, the first time we experience a flying submission is in competition. You reach out unassumingly to grab your partners collar and boom. Before you know it, you’re tapping. This isn’t always the case, but I’ve definitely heard the story several times.

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Knowing the inner workings of a flying submission can give you a leg up. It can also keep the chances of you succumbing to one, at a minimum. Flying subs are an art form. When executed just right they are some of the most beautifully performed techniques in BJJ. They also have the potential to end a match in an instant, and who wouldn’t like to finish their opponent without breaking a sweat?

One of the more common set ups for the flying triangle is from an attempted single leg. In this video Mario Delgado breaks down his preferred method of attacking the flying submission from this platform. Take a look.

The first thing Delgado must do is pommel his leg to the outside of his partners leg. For the flying triangle to work his leg cannot be sandwiched in between his partners. Using a collar tie and control of his partners triceps Delgado can now jump up and place his right leg across the shoulders of his partner.

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Something I thought was worth some extra attention here. Normally as the descent starts to occur during the flying triangle, the legs stay locked in triangle set up position, but Delgado actually opens his legs and uses his partners hip to move backwards a bit. This goes a long way in preventing the stack or being folded in half and having your submission thwarted. It also aids in the lifting of Delgado’s hips, which allows him to pass the arm across the body and make the triangle much tighter.

Don’t be intimidated by flying submissions. Just like anything else they require practice. We fear what we don’t know. Know them and eliminate the uncertainty.

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