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4 Gi Techniques For BJJ From UAEJJF Grand Slam Champ Alexandre Vieira

4 Gi Techniques For BJJ From UAEJJF Grand Slam Champ Alexandre Vieira


Alexandre Vieira Has A  Modern And Unique Approach To Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Alex Vieira is a BJJ black belt under Murilo Bustamante and a representative of the BTT academy. Vieira is a very accomplished competitor, with notable achievements at black belt level such as UAEJJF Grand Slam Rio de Janeiro No Gi Champion, IBJJF Rio Fall Int. Open 2nd Place, ADCC SP Trials 2nd Place, ADCC RJ Trials 3rd Place, ACB JJ World No Gi Championship 3rd Place, CBJJ Brasileiro No Gi Championship 3rd Place, and UAEJJF Grand Slam Tokyo Championship 3rd Place, and more. Alex has some amazing techniques, from the crucifix, to the loop choke, to amazing guard play and guard passing. Someone consider him to be one of the most well rounded grapplers. He focuses on fundamental techniques, emphasizing precise details that make his game ultra effective.

Learn The Two Most Simple Yet Neglected Chokes In BJJ Today – These Two Moves Could Tap Everyone In Your Gym


Today we are going to explore 4 gi techniques for BJJ from the Grand Slam Champ. If you did not know, Alex has a great instructional series called the Crucifix and Loop Choke available exclusively on And while this series is focused around Alex’s world famous loop choke and crucifix, it includes many different set ups including sweeps, take down defense, and a variety of unique guards. So let’s check it out!

#1: Variation Of The Coyote Half Guard

From half guard bottom, Alexandre secures an under hook and switches his legs. Then he takes his outside leg and places it in between his training partner’s base. This allows Alexandre to hook the leg with his foot. Once he has the leg, he pulls it as close to his butt as he can in order to create space by shifting his body to the side. Now Alexandre can feed his arm through between his chest and his training partner’s hip. He never lets go over his under hook grip, either grabbing at the belt or the gi pants. Typically what will happen from here is his training partner will start pressuring him, which allows Alex to come up to his knees. Once here, Alex can set his grips deeper giving him control over his training partner’s body. To sweep his opponent, Alexandre feeds his head through and forward rolls. Vieira rolls all the way through, ending up with his training partner’s legs captured in the side control position.

#2: Crucifix from Back with Hooks

Usually when you have your opponent’s back you are in a grip battle and sometimes it is not always possible to secure a rear naked choke. As an alternative, Alexandre prefers to sit back which causes his opponent to be lying on top of him. He uses one hand to control his training partner’s wrist and the other hand to wrap around the neck as if still going for a choke. From here Alexandre moves to his side and fakes an attack. This will cause his training partner to pull his hands down, which Alexandre then captures it by hooking it with his leg.

#3: Reverse Half Guard Loop Choke

The reverse half guard loop choke is a great defense when caught in reverse half guard. Alex crosses his forearm on his opponent’s neck, but he does not use a lot of pressure. He puts his elbow on the floor to post and then feeds the lapel with his other hand. From here he gives his opponent a little space to try and sweep him. This allows Alex the momentum he needs to hit the loop choke. He has to get his legs in between his opponent’s base to prevent him from escaping the choke. From here Vieira squeezes with his elbow to tighten up the choke, securing the tap.

#4: Loop Choke From Top Split Guard

Alex likes to hit this choke whenever he is playing against open guard. He fakes his opponent by thinking there is an opportunity to hit a sweep. When his opponent tries to sweep him, Alex steps in, securing a cross collar lapel grip, allowing him to secure his opponent’s head. In a case where his opponent’s head is already inside and tight against his leg, he will push against his head, grab his chin, and come under his arm pit to kill all the space. Now he can easy grab behind his opponent’s knee and push him over, using his elbow to apply pressure on the ribs to finish the choke.

Both the loop choke and the crucifix are powerful techniques for the gi. If you liked these techniques then I highly recommend you check out Alexandre’s instructional series that focuses entirely on the loop choke and the crucifix. Alex is a fountain of knowledge and a very well rounded grappler with a ton of high level techniques that are proven to be effective against some of the world’s greatest grapplers. So be sure to check it out and give these techniques a try the next time you are on the mats!

Alexandre Viera – Who Lives & Trains In Rio –Shows All Of The Secrets Of The Moves That Made Him World Famous

So What is Alexandre’s secret? It is a game centered around a modern and unique approach to the crucifix position and a loop choke he locks on out of nowhere.   He is always looking to finish and in his victories he has a 100% finish rate!  That is positively unheard of!!!  He’s either gonna choke you out or lose J - This Murilo Bustamante black belt is responsible for some of the slickest submission victories we have seen lately. Now you have the chance the learn why.

Take every position and leave no doubt, as you learn how to attack like Alexandre Vieira. Force people into your game, as you take a modern and updated approach to a classic control, and improve your gi chokes dramatically with these tips and techniques. We’ve taken one of the most dynamic and creative jiu-jitsu styles in the world and recorded it across a 3-video set that is guaranteed to level up your ground game. What are you waiting for?



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