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4 Techniques For BJJ From Jay Wadsworth

4 Techniques For BJJ From Jay Wadsworth


4 Techniques From The Inventor Of The 92 Double Sleeve Guard, Jay Wadsworth Has All The Tricks You Need To Succeed!

Who is Jay Wadsworth? Jay Wadsworth, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, has developed a very unique guard style known as the “92 Double Sleeve Guard.” Jay is a police officer for the New York Police Department and an amazing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu player with several major champions at the black belt level. Jay is also known for his Ashi Garami leg attack system for submission grappling. Jay Wadsworth is a Black belt under Professor Julio “Foca” Fernandez. Jay teaches combatives at the highest level for swat and patrol level police officers along with military. Jay’s system is based on suspect control tactics by one officer or two officer team tactics. He teaches trainings at Tac Ops East and NYTOA conferences along with private seminars. Jay has more than a few amazing instructional series available exclusively on that cover a wide variety of topics, from police self defense tactics, to his 92 Double Sleeve Guard, to the ashi garami leg lock system. Let’s check out some of Jay’s amazing instructions.

Jay's 92 Double Sleeve Guard is a great attacking guard position for triangle chokes, arm bars, omoplatas and sweeps.


#1: 92 Double Sleeve Guard

So what makes the 92 double sleeve guard so different? Jay uses this grip primarily when his opponent is on their knees.  This is because it allows him to have an excellent source of control and he can use it to sweep and submit his opponent.  Many times to defend this position, his opponent will stand at which point Jay will set up another guard that he prefers to play. Think of the 92 double sleeve guard as a mix between a cross collar grip and the Z guard. There are a bunch of options for sweeps or submissions that you can hit from the 92 double sleeve guard. Jay starts this demonstration in bottom closed guard. He starts with a 2 on 1 grip on his training partner’s sleeve. Once he captures the arm he places it across his body and then posts on his foot and gets to his hip escape. He uses his knee high up on his training partner’s chest as a shield as he pulls that arm across. Notice that Jay also uses his other hand to pull the arm across by cupping behind the elbow. The important thing to remember about this guard is to never let go of the arm. You want to tuck the arm underneath and use it as a way to break down and control your opponent’s posture. Notice that this opens up a whole bunch of options for you to attack. You can go for an arm bar, or take your opponent’s back.

#2: Triangle From Opponents Outside Pant Grip

In this video above we see at a technique Jay uses to secure a very tight triangle built off of his 92 Double Sleeve Guard. Jay takes away his opponent’s pressure by securing two strong grips. Jay Wadsworth starts off this technique with his double sleeve grip, his foot in his opponent’s hip, knee pressure at his opponent’s face, pulling on his arm and pushing with your foot on your hip. The opponent has an outside grip on your leg. What Jay likes to do in this case is stretch his training partner out. He creates some distance using his legs, never straightening them completely, always keeping a slight bend at his knee. This sets up a pushing and pulling position and now Jay is in a position where he can set up the triangle. Jay brings his knee up and shoots his foot over his opponent’s back, his arm already across the body, getting the perfect angle for the triangle that is already tight before even locking it up.

#3: Scissor Sweep

The scissor sweep is a great way to stop pressure passing. Jay demonstrates this from his 92 double sleeve guard. From here Jay starts to work his scissor sweep. To hit the sweep, Jay uses a push pull method and then kicks out the knee. In most cases when you sweep your opponent he is going to turn and try to come back up into you, which would make it very difficult for you as you would likely end up on the bottom. If your training partner has good grips or is very explosive you may just have to settle for knee on belly, rather than taking the back or going for an arm bar. Knowing that Jay Windshield wipers on his way up. As he comes up in the scissor sweep he puts his foot on the mat, pull his training partners arm and ends on a knee on belly position. From here Jay prefers to keep the cross grip and the grip on the back of his training partner’s collar. Make sure to extend your back foot out to stabilizing your base on the knee on belly. If you can start turning your training partner away from you then you also open him up to potential back takes.

#4: Toe Hold From Checkmate

The great thing about this toe hold is that it is different from your normal toe hold. Jay has a great set up to get into what he calls the check mate position. Once you are locked up there nice and tight you want to first bring your opponent’s foot to the opposite side of your body. That opens up his straightened leg to start attacking submissions. From here simply reach back and collapse around the foot. Jay brings this leg to his chest, letting go of the bottom leg in order to grab the top of the toes. Instead of a kimura grip, Jay uses forearm and forearm contact. He makes a “casting motion” (like if he were fishing) to rock the leg forward, causing his opponent to tap.

If you liked these techniques and you would like to learn more from Jay Wadsworth then check out his instructional series 92 Double Sleeve Guard available exclusively on The 92 double sleeve guard by Jay Dadswirth is the key to countering pressure passing when playing from bottom position. It is a gripping trick that destroys all your bigger opponents. So be sure to give these techniques a try the next time you are on the mats!

The 92 Double Sleeve Guard by Jay Wadsworth: The Key To Countering Pressure Passing On The Bottom. The gripping "tricks" used in the 92 Guard is perfect for big guys who love to smash and grind smaller dudes guards. It's like a kimura grip, but not, and it gives you a ton of deadly submission attacks from everywhere! With 2 Sleeves Pressure Passing Just Doesn't Work!




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