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5 Ways To Be The Best Jiu Jitsu Martial Artist Ever

5 Ways To Be The Best Jiu Jitsu Martial Artist Ever


5 Ways To Be Your Best In Life And On The Mats

Let’s face it. Life is short. You are born. You live a little. You learn some Brazilian jiu jitsu. You Die. Between your job, your husband, your wife, your kids, your annoying in laws and judgemental neighbors it is easy to become disgruntled and succeed at very little, leaving you no time or inspiration to pick up a new hobby or skill, like BJJ. Listen, I get it. You’re an adult. You have adult stuff to do. It is easy to lose your perspective on what is most important: taking care of yourself. A healthy and mind and body are necessary for you to be at your best. And let’s be honest, nobody is going to do it for you. At the end of the day it is up to each and every one of us to advocate for our own health. There’s just no getting around it, unless you are into the idea of dying young and missing out on so much.

Let’s take a look at two men who have dedicated their lives to being their best and staying healthy. Bernardo Faria and Tom DeBlass are two of the greatest BJJ instructors in the world, and continue to be sought out by many for their deep knowledge of grappling. Both of these word class competitors have competed at the highest level. They have faced some of the most challenging opponents this world has to offer. And they have risen to that occasion and become world champions. These are the type of men you may as well model as heroes, because their accomplishments are nothing short of heroic. And not only are they champions. They are successful entrepreneurs, both having established top tier academies in their respective home towns, attracting hundreds of students from surrounding areas. Their influence goes well beyond the world of jiu jitsu knowledge, and that is what makes them such admirable men.

Dominate the mat like Bernardo Faria and Tom Deblass


Check out this video. And don’t just play it in the background while you multi-task your way to the top of the food chain.  Put everything else aside and gives these men the twenty minutes of attention they so readily deserve.

Now that you have soaked in their greatest let’s really define the five simple ways to be your best in life and on the mats.

#1. Challenges are to be expected

Can I tell you a secret? People who aren’t willing to take on a challenge suck. They are boring because they are only here to maximize their comfort in life. Don’t get me wrong, do whatever you want with your precious little time on Earth. I am happy knowing you’re content. Just don’t expect to ever experience what it is to be your best. A key lesson that legendary Tom DeBlass shares with us is the simple fact that we must accept some things are going to be difficult, and that’s good. A tough challenge, a tough day, and tough work out is rewarding. Go hard. That way when you’re faced with a truly difficult challenge, be it a stressful time in life, or an opponent who is much more elite than you, you won’t crumble under pressure.

#2. Reasonable Expectations Are A Must

According to the great Tom DeBlass, when we’re training we should be having fun. And no, does not mean “don’t take it seriously.” He means not to mistake training for competing. There isn’t a need to treat training like that. Training is for isolating mistakes and getting better. Competition is when you put that game plan into motion, and you probably got there from accepting a difficult challenge, good on you. In both training and competition we should have reasonable expectations, which make BJJ fun. This is the same in life. Listen, if you’re a fat bloated mess let’s be realistic, you aren’t going to have that trophy wife. But you should still be out there dating and having plenty of fun (and getting in shape!)

#3. Be God Darn Thankful For Everything

Alright, alright, alright. You don’t have to get on your hands and knees and start praying. But expressing a little gratitude goes a long way. You got smashed on the mats? Big deal. Thank your opponent for the difficult lesson. Your boss laid you off without warning? Be thankful for some much needed time off and an opportunity to reset. Extraordinary Tom DeBass keeps himself well balanced by being thankful. No matter how bad a training session goes, he always reminds himself to be thankful. Look, you’re going to get tapped eventually anyways. Just keep your perspective and thank your training partner for not ripping your elbow out of your socket.

#4. Find Your Purpose, Get The Job Done

You are an adult. Or if you are not an adult you still have responsibilities which include things you might not always want to do. You are not always going to want to train. You are not always going to want to work overtime. Suck it up and get the job done. When motivation fails us, discipline will carry us forward.

#5. Stop Eating Cheeseburgers

You are an adult! And in this carnation you have a body which you should be growing and training, and that takes a proper diet. Of course, these days, if you Google “diet advice” you’re destined to get about a trillion different opinions – ranging from horrifically bad advice, to ridiculously good advice. Let ultimate warrior Tom DeBass’ extremely simple advice guide you to nutrition dominance.

First, drink more water. I mean a lot more. We’re talking a gallon a day. That’s a lot. Second, try intermittent fasting. Put the cheeseburger down, and give your body a solid 12-14 hours of time off from digesting. According to Tom, you will have more energy. These two stupid simple approaches are hard to screw up but can have a radical effect on your life. So throw out that meaningless diet fad book you bought on a whim. Just keep to what you know, and what is proven to work.

By now you should be highly motivated to get out there and be your best. Listen, it does not take much. Just take care of that body and take care of that mind. Step up and rise to the occasion when a challenge presents itself. Express gratitude even when life seems unfair. Practice discipline, and shame yourself when you fall off the horse. Wash down that delicious fast with a tall glass of water. Now get out there and train BJJ!

Tom DeBlass is about 225 lbs. and his heart has to account for about 224 lbs. of that.

In his last MMA fight, after he knocked his opponent down and the guy was flailing around on the ground half-conscious, he asked the referee to stop it rather than blast a defenseless person.

He also made national news when he was caught on video being challenged to a fight by a much smaller, belligerent drunk. Instead of throttling the guy, he calmed him down, gave him a hug and made sure he had a safe ride home. His only “real job” was teaching disabled elementary school kids.

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