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The Simple Powerful Cross Choke From Mount

The Simple Powerful Cross Choke From Mount


Matheus Gonzaga Demonstrates Cross Choke From Mount

Who is Matheus Gonzaga? Matheus Gonzaga is an IBJJF purple belt champion in one of the hardest divisions. There were over 100 people in his division at the time. Since then he has also won more than several tournaments at brown belt and is now a black belt. Matheus continues to teach at Bernardo Faria’s academy in Bedford, MA.

Learn the a Light weight guard from one of the smallest badasses on the planet.


The 5 time world champion black belt Bernardo Faria has said Matheus Gonzaga is a top tier instructor and competitor – one of the best he’s ever been around. In the video below Matheus Gonzaga is going to talk about the cross choke from mount and break it down into small details which will make help improve your cross choke by making it extremely powerful. Check out this great demonstration.

As you will have noticed there are quite a few details for what may be seen as a basic move in BJJ. Matheus Gonzaga starts by show us tips on how to maintain that mount position – which can be very difficult to do again a larger and stronger opponent, especially one with many years of experience. There is something interesting to note here which can’t really be understood by watching the video, and that is just how tight Matheus’ knees are on Bernardo’s ribs. Brutal!

At one point Bernardo remarks that what it really felt like was a body triangle on his waist. You have to admit this is a really cool way to keep that mount so that you can set up for an attack. Once Matheus gets that position solidified he is able to go for a deep, deep cross collar grip. Pay attention to just how deep his initial grip is. Also note that Matheus likes to keep his wrist and forearm straight in order to get that elbow across Bernardo’s chest. This is fundamentally how you stay connected to your opponent and maintain strong control.

The elbow on the sternum and cross collar grip is a combination that puts a ton of pressure on your opponent. Watch closely as Matheus anticipates his opponent’s hip bump by placing his head on the ground. When this occurs it is time for him to secure that always important second grip. Notice that it’s not a super deep grip. It does not have to be. You will see him push his opponent’s head with his forearm in order to snatch that second grip. That element of control is crucial and will change your game next time you go for the choke!

Finally it is the moment we have all been waiting for. It is time to secure the choke. Notice he places his head on the side of the hand on top to pull his opponent in an upward motion.  Think of this motion like you would perform a seated row when training at the gym. He will bring his elbows to his ribs, and guess what? That is going to close that hole his opponents weak little neck is now trapped in. Not good.

So there it is… an incredibly effective and powerful choke from one of the best instructors in the World! Next time you are on mount and ready to submit your dangerously strong opponent, remember this choke and put him to sleep.

Matheus literally grew up in the shark tank: GF Team in Rio. This gym has produced absolute beasts like Rodolfo Viera, Ricardo Evangelista, and Victor Honorio and life there can simply be a matter of surviving. He learned not only to simply survive but also flourish. He won the Purple Belt world title in a division of over 80 competitors.



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